Life isn't fair or is it? / by kevin murray

It almost goes without saying that life is not fair, for even the most cursory look in just our own neighborhood, let alone the world, will demonstrate to us that some people are better looking, are more intelligent, have a more secure family life, have more material goods, are connected to the right people, and so on and so forth.  Life in this world most definitely is not fair, with massive disparities of opportunities and circumstances, with some countries and communities being cesspools of human lives wasted and abused, with luck or fate also seeming to play a meaningful part in a lot of lives, so that, things, in general, just seem to be sort of seriously messed up.


This would seem to signify that if life is unfair, and it most definitely is, that life, then, to a certain extent, is just one sick joke, especially for those that are on the receiving end of the shorter end of the stick. Then again, perhaps we should define what it is that we mean by life, for if we mean, this life, one time, on earth, and there is nothing beyond this earth, than for a certainty, life is unfair.  However, how if this conception is incorrect?  How if we live more than one life, and how if life really represents how we are able to adapt to our situations so that those that are more caring and giving as compared to those that are more selfish and greedy, end up with a result that is more beneficial to their true essence, which is their soul.


The only possible way that life on earth makes any sort of sense, is that, if earth represents a proving ground, of who and what we really are in action, so that, each of us is given our own role to play, and those that are positive contributors to their fellow sojourners with their incarnation, are those that are proving their merit and their worth in action, whereas those that stumble by being mean and hateful, demonstrate their worthlessness and their meritless in action.


This then demonstrates that this world and our lives upon it, not only has real meaning, but also that it is fair, as it should be, for all else, would prove that life has no meaning and no real purpose.  This so indicates that for those that are at least somewhat conscious that there is a life beyond this dimension and beyond this world, must take it upon themselves to conduct their thoughts, actions, and deeds in such a manner that they do right by their fellow mankind, in addition, to sharing such wisdom with others, so that they do not remain in the darkness of ignorance and despair.


The choice as to what each of us does with our time on earth, is our own, for we truly are free agents of free will, but it is vital to recognize that, unlike in human interactions, in which we can get over on another, or fool another, or be fooled, that there is no fooling the ultimate Judge of our lives, so that, for every wrong that we do, this must be met by the right that we should have done, for all is fair, equally applied, and rightly judged, for it could not be any other way.