Who will watch the watchers? / by kevin murray

We live in an era in which tracking people in everything that they do has become the new norm. So that our activities are often monitored , recorded, or watched when we are on the internet, through our social media, while traveling on public roads, and while walking in public places, so that more times than not, such activity is recorded or monitored, or subject to either of those things, of which that monitoring is done by governmental agencies of all stripes, quasi-governmental agencies, or through private enterprise, though most of the players and companies in the private enterprise sphere, are publically traded through the stock exchange or are controlled by publically held and traded corporations.


As most people are quite aware of, information is definitely a form of power, and when the watchers know pretty much everything about you, or are able to rather easily put together a composite of you that is erringly accurate, any common sense citizen, should be concern about that very thing, especially when there are characteristics about them, that they would not want to have publically divulged, or that would make them feel uncomfortable that others knew this about them, especially by agencies and people that are not visibly known or answerable to them.


While the government as well as private enterprise, spend an inordinate amount of time, stating that such information is safe with them, or is necessary in order to provide personal safety or to provide benefits to you, such statements are self-serving and are not only not backed up by anything other than the words so spoken or written, but fail to answer the most fundamental question, as to who is watching the watchers?


In point of fact, a country in which, its citizenry is under constant surveillance, may or may not be a safer place to live in from a crime perspective, though, in all probability, street crime as we currently know it, would probably be reduced, though, crime of other sorts, would probably be developed, because criminals are very good about finding a way to exploit situations, and overt monitoring will not stop crime, though it will probably change the perpetrators and the nature of certain crimes.  In any event, while the ostensible purpose of all this monitoring is for the protection or benefit of the citizenry, it is absolutely no stretch of the imagination, to recognize that when the watchers know everything about you, that such information is exploitable, for nefarious or monetary reasons or both.


So then, unless the watchers are being watched by the general public, in a manner such as those citizens that make up a grand jury, or as those citizens that are a part of a civilian police review panel, so that, in all matters large and small, all of the information and video that is being aggregated, sorted, and analyzed, is subject to general public oversight, giving those people not only the right to see this information and video but also the right to ask questions that must be responded to in a comprehensive and satisfactory fashion, in which all of this is provided to the public as a service to that public, then the watchers are not being adequately watched or monitored, signifying that those that are the watchers are a class above all those that are being watched, in all matters, large and small, putting the sword to our individuality as well as burying our flag of freedom, replaced instead by the dipped flag of subjection, by those that are being watched.