Immigration and the true Americans / by kevin murray

There are in many ways and forms, laws and legislatures of all stripes that deal with immigration in which some are progressive, open minded and reasonable, whereas others clearly are not.  In point of fact, the United States would not be the United States if it wasn't for immigration, and of immigration that was at a massive scale for a considerable period of time, which definitely was a very meaningful reason why America ultimately became so great; because it isn't good enough to just have noble ideals, for those ideals need to be put into play by  the very people that both live and actuate them, on both a domestic as well as on an international scale in order to prove the mettle of that people and their country.


While immigration and immigrants has always carried connotations along with controversy, today's America seems far less accommodating to foreigners than they really ought to be.  That is to say, there is a lot of hostility against undocumented workers, refugees, asylum seekers, and illegal workers in America, as if, all those that previously immigrated to America, were pre-approved before their arrival.  In reality, too many people that are themselves immigrants, or are descendents of immigrants, and are now safely ensconced in America, seem to want to yank away the welcome mat from those that desire to immigrate here, as if, it is right and proper that there should be different rules applied at different times for different people.


In short, far too many people, look at America, just as a geographic place, so that those that are born on its soil, are native born, and those that are not, are foreign born; not seeming to recognize, that a true American is someone that by their character and by what they represent, is someone that is the personification of an open and fair-minded individual, freedom loving, respectful that each person has the equal right to be at the table of opportunity, works and applies themselves diligently, and believes that each person is entitled to the same laws, equally applied.


The true Americans of this world don't necessarily live in America, yet their beliefs and desires, are more American than some of those that do live here and are born American.  The heart and soul of America cannot be contained by geographic boundaries, but rather, it is in the hearts and minds of all those that are true supporters of liberty, justice, and their pursuit of happiness. 


What needs to be taken into account of all those that desire to immigrate to America, or attempt to immigrate here, legally or not, is that these people in their minds and by their feet, have taken the most democratic vote that can be taken, which is that they want to be part of the melting pot of America, for whatever reason or reasons that they have; because very often they are the ones that clearly see America as that beacon light of liberty,  as that land of freedom and opportunity, of meritocracy, and of hope.  In a world in which too many people are short changed and cheated in so many different ways, those that embrace the dream of America at its best, are the true Americans, that will not find rest till they rest in that sweet land of liberty.