The non-recognition of exploitation / by kevin murray

Most people want to be looked upon as being fair or fair minded, and many people do take offense, when they are looked upon as not being fair, and find especially offensive, to be considered to be or known to be exploitative in their actions.   There are, however, some people that are exploitative and know it; but there are even more people that are exploitative and don't know it, and further strongly believe that they aren't exploitative at all; of which, the most difficult people to change, are those that believe that they are in the right, even when they actually are in the wrong.


The fact of the matter is, though, that exploitation occurs every time that somebody or some organization takes advantage of somebody else's lack of knowledge, gullibility, unfairness, inequality, or general stupidity, even when the trade or deal is done, voluntarily, and apparently on the up and up.  For instance, when an older child trades a bigger nickel for a smaller dime, with another child, of which, it appears that the older kid is being nice by trading something bigger for something smaller, he has, in fact, gotten over, on the other little kid, exploiting that child's credulousness and lack of knowledge in regards to the true value of coins.  So too, when trinkets of little worth are traded to Native Americans for pelts of real worth, that is exploitation, for the labor, energy, and worth of those pelts far exceeds the trinkets received or the worth of something like intoxicating liquors. 


In addition, basically, any company that sells products to customers in which the product being sold is deliberately priced so that the gross profit margin exceeds a reasonable amount of profit is for the most part, exploiting its customer base.  Of course, it will be argued, that this is a capitalistic society and further that the price that goods are sold at, are inherently consistent to what the market will bear, though this may well be true, this misses the point, which is that there are a multitude of all sorts of products that are controlled by essentially oligarchies or monopolies, or others that ostensibly are competing with one another but instead actually carefully monitor and mirror each other's prices; so that many more times than the proponents of free markets are willing to admit, the markets aren't free or open, and they aren't fair to society, that has to pay extra for the favoritism, kickbacks, tax set asides, and just about everything and anything that benefits the few that are well placed, while exploiting all those that have not the wherewithal or option to do much of anything but to pay the extra price premium for those goods or services, whether large or small.


Anytime that a given employer does not pay a fair wage for a fair day's labor, that is exploitation.  All those that do not pay their fair share of taxes, through all sorts of shady maneuvers, thereby burden those that do fairly pay their taxes, of which this is therefore a form of exploitation.  All those that utilize the legal system, so as to bend or to make rules that benefit them or their kind exclusively, so too, this is a form of exploitation.  Those that bring war to other principalities, to profit from that war, at the expense of those that shed their blood for that war, are exploiters.  Anyone that isn't fair in every way, in all their interactions, is exploiting that other person or entity; and those that cannot see themselves in the other, have a strong tendency to be the very worse exploiters of them all.