Prosperity and generosity / by kevin murray

Logic would seem to tell us, that prosperity and generosity should be a loggerheads with each other, for each dollar and each hour of our time that we give away to another, is money and time that is taken away from our finite allocation, which quite obviously would not be directly beneficial to us, but would, in the scheme of things, appear to be detrimental, for our having been generous to others with our money and time.


The thing is though, the logic of thinking such as that, isn’t actually correct, that is to say, we live in a social world, in which in order to become successful, we are only able to do so, by working within the construct of such a society, which necessitates conforming to appropriate social mores and obligations, which indicates, that those that live strictly to themselves, are not team players, and are not beneficial to society, and hence, these selfish individuals will have  a strong tendency to not be as prosperous as they could be for they will often be held back by others, in matters large and small, for their turning away from their inherent obligations to society because of their lack of generosity to those others.


The fact of the matter is that those that are strictly about themselves, and therefore are totally selfish, represent something that is anathema to society, for if each person, did the same thing, and had that same philosophy, than societies would split apart, for the lack of concern and empathy no longer demonstrated within their activities and behavior, one to another.  Additionally, society would quickly break down into one that made essentially everything into a perpetual competition, and therefore a playing field filled with all sorts of deceit, traps, and double dealings, for within this game, in which only the winners received the lion's share of prosperity, it would definitely become a cutthroat zero-sum game.


On the other hand, when those who are successful, take their prosperity, whether that is one of wealth, or of knowledge, or of social skills, and make it their point to share such with their family and with their society, than the growth and strength of such a society will strengthen considerably.  Additionally, a strong society is quite obviously a more viable society, and a society that is generous and caring to all, is also a society that is more inclusive and therefore a healthier type of society.


So then, living to yourself, is a lonely existence, for those that take from society, but offer nothing back, are not the type of people, that will earn the respect and admiration of the other members of that society, and for that lack, they are less fulfilled and less satisfied then they could be.  Instead, it is those that make it their point to spread the wealth of their success with others, that progress further, for they well understand that for each succeeding generation to prosper more than the former, requires that the current generation imparts their wisdom in such a manner, that the upcoming generation will have not only a solid foundation to work upon, but the shoulders of previous generations to stand upon.