Justice, the just, and the law / by kevin murray

There are plenty of people that believe that we should "obey the law," in fact, we are told by the highest authorities all of the time to obey the law, but in a world in which laws are so often not clearly defined, in addition to laws being arbitrary as well as discriminatory, and laws that change with the times as the prevailing wind so blows it, so that a law that use to apply no longer does, or a law that never was, now applies, and especially in the unequal application of law, itself, this would seem to clearly show that the law in so many ways and forms is a travesty of true justice as it is so often applied against those that are the "law breakers."


So too, despite all these laws, and the justice system, that in theory, provides a lawyer, even for the most indigent, for each defendant brought before a court of law, the actual reality of how law is applied and exercised in America, is uneven and unjust, so that quite often defendants of those accused of breaking the law, aren't even given their day in court, for their charges are "plea bargained" to some lesser charge, of which, those that have the smallest amount of resources, whether that be their own knowledge, or whether that be their overworked public defender, or both, are less able to mount a defense, and are essentially browbeaten into accepting a "deal" because of the full weight of the state and governmental prosecutors being pressed against them.


All those that love law and order, as well as all those that somehow believe that justice is truly served in America, as well as other countries that appear to have clearly defined laws and legal codes, are forgetting fundamentally, that the law almost always is written and applied, by the ruling class of such a country, in which, that ruling class, above all, will protect their own, while applying their boot to the neck of all those that are insignificant, or a threat to the system, or people that simply will not keep their mouths shut.


The biggest contradiction, though, of those that scream loudest for more law and order, comes down, to something which has real meaning and significance, for those that believe that Christ, is indeed the Savior of this world, should therefore pay close attention to the words that so follows, for that Christ was mocked, brutally beaten, then nailed to the cross, and thereby crucified until his death upon that cross.  Was this justice?  Was this right?  Was this the law?


In point of fact, the statements made by Jesus that he was the Messiah, as we read in Luke 4: 20 "… Today, this Scripture has been fulfilled in your hearing,” was considered by the Jewish authorities of that time to be blasphemous as the High Priest Caiaphas, so ruled.  Additionally, we read in Matthew 21: 5 "… behold, your King comes to you," of which Roman law would not allow anyone to speak of being a King or the head of the state, of which the interpretation of such would be that the words of Jesus were an insult to the Roman Emperor and thereby treasonous to the state of that empire.


This meant that Jesus, by law, had committed both the crime of blasphemy, as well as the crime of treason, of which, proper and legal punishment of that time, was death by crucifixion, and such was his fate.  Those that believe that the law is always correct, as well as believing that the purpose of laws is to maintain order, should then see and must see the crucifixion of Jesus as being just, and of justice of having been properly served.