Quit Pretending / by kevin murray

Once you deviate from truth, your life just becomes a lot more complicated, because having told a story, or exaggerated, or just outright lied about something, it's nigh impossible to actually remember everything that you have said to everyone, and eventually having done that, this will bite you back and reflect clearly to others that you are not truthful.  Perhaps you are okay with that, or even more than okay with that, but it would probably be better to reduce or eliminate the lies, and to actually be the person and/or do the things that you really want to do and to accomplish.


So too, when you basically are all of the time pretending to be something that you really are not, to everyone, in ways, big and small; at some point, you are going to lose track of who you really actually are, because in order to live with yourself, you have to kind of start believing your own tales, though, all the time knowing, deep inside, that such tales, even well done, are just tales, just the same.


The clearest way, though, to get a good grip on your life, is to actually consciously pay attention to literally everything that you are saying and doing on a given day, and then stop yourself, anytime that you are doing something deceptive, misleading, or just being dishonest; and the more times that you have to stop yourself, the more that you will know exactly how unbalanced your life actually is.


The message that should thereby be crystallized, is seeing clearly those areas of your life that you are unsatisfied with and consequently have been propping up within your life with some misrepresentation; signifying that rather than pretending or wishing that you were different, it would actually be more productive to do those things that would make you a better person, instead.  That is to say, some people will expend an incredible amount of time and brainpower trying to wear a mask that isn't them, rather than just trying to improve who they currently are and to thereby become closer to what it is that they so desire to become.


Of course, in a competitive and material world, there are plenty of situations in which, no matter how much effort is expended, becoming that person that you believe that you want to be, just isn't possible, but that is missing the forest for the trees.  Actually, the most important concept to comprehend, is to work hard on building the characteristics, or the back story, so to speak, of what it is that you want to become in character, and that in itself, will make you not only a better person, but bring you closer to what it is that you desire to fundamentally be.


The closer you become to being the real you in your interactions with others, the less you will have to worry about pretending to be what you really are not; and the sooner you will understand that most people will accept you for who and what you really are, especially if you are working on being a better and more caring person to others.