Doing and Hearing is not the same thing / by kevin murray

We read in Holy Scripture in James 1: 22 "But be doers of the word, and not only hearers…" of which clearly this means that to hear and to thereby know what to do, but then not to do it, is a serious fault within the character of anyone that has the audacity to believe that they are a good Christian.  This indeed means that a lot of the world's troubles can be laid at the feet of mankind, that clearly knows what the difference is between right and wrong, but insists upon doing wrong; as well as knowing what they should be doing, but insists upon waiting another day to get around to doing it, and then they wait another day, and then another day, until the end of their material time.


The main problem that so many people have, which is exacerbated by today's instant gratification society, is that they don't want to put forth the effort to do the things that they should be doing; but rather they want to either get things done in a halfhearted way or they seek for shortcuts to accomplish things, not seeming to recognize or to acknowledge that there are certain things in life which necessitate effort, drive, persistence, and throughput and are not susceptible to shortcuts.


In point of fact, the very things that are most meaningful for you, are the very things that necessitate hard work and dedicated labor, for what you really want in life is those things that you earn; because having earned it you appreciate all that went into getting it done, as opposed to having something just handed to you, which though it may well be appreciated, it will not be held in such high esteem, for that lack of personal sweat labor.


Additionally, part of life is to absorb the lessons of life, and then to pass on that wisdom to other people, of which, if you haven't done the very things that you are urging people to take care of and get done, than those lessons that you are proselytizing about aren't going to be readily taken to heart;  as compared to the person that has actually been out in the battlefield and competition of real life, and of real struggles, who have risked a lot in order to gain a lot, having no doubt also suffered losses and made sacrifices along the way.


When you look around the world, and appreciate the greatness and beauty that this world does offer to people, as well as the modern day conveniences that we all enjoy utilizing and taking advantage of, recognize that these very things have all come forth from those that do, and not just those that hear the words; and thereby we owe a huge debt of gratitude for all those that have accomplished so much, as well as the fact that continuous progress for mankind is made from having learned at the feet of previous giants that have accomplished so much.


So too, the whole reason why we watch movies and television as well as reading books, is to listen and to hear their stories, but if all we do, is to admire them, but to do nothing of merit ourselves, then we have failed those storytellers because it is in the doing that we truly write our own tales.