To live correctly, necessitates our preparation to die -- having lived right / by kevin murray

There are a lot of questions that a given individual should want to ask and that they should want to know the correct answer to. One of those important questions has got to involve the very purpose of life, because if we do not know the purpose of life, than we are to a large extent, living our lives without truly knowing whether what we are doing is the most appropriate thing to do or not, and because we don't know that, our decision making will be worse for that lack of specific knowledge.  


Further to the point, it is a foolish mistake to pretend that we will not die, when by nature's infallible law, all things physical, without exception, will meet their demise; so then, knowing that physical death is absolutely certain, should indicate to us, that the only possible part of us that will be eternal is not ever going to be our physical body, but must be our spirit and/or our mind.  This then makes it quite clear, that whether or not a given person believes in a Higher Power or not, isn't quite as important as their recognition that their energy and their emphasis should be placed upon what is eternal rather than what is temporal.


That is to say, part and parcel of a lot of troubles in this world comes from people that are so trapped within their physicality, that they are not able to recognize that the physical body merely houses the spirit and the mind, signifying that therefore by expending their energy, decisions, and thoughts upon the physical to the exclusion or near exclusion of all else, cannot possibly be the correct way to live a good life.


In point of fact, the only possible way to live a life correctly is to recognize that you are not the physical body that you see in the mirror, but are in fact, something far greater, far more complete, and eternal in substance as compared to just your physical body.  Once you are able to see yourself as you really are, life and its mysteries begin to make much more logical sense, and therefore, there is a comprehensive understanding that the challenges that we face in life are there so as to make us better able to perceive that it is in the living that we create the undiscovered country that we will reside in upon our physical death.


This means, step by step and day by day, how we live and how we behave in our interactions with others, as well as in the deeds and actions that we perform, creates the very structure of the death experience that we will face, and those that have done right while living to the living, will also die right for having done so.  Whereas, all those that have done wrong, will not somehow escape having to face their injustice they have done to themselves as well as to others, but will be obliged to face that injustice until such a time that they have overcome such by doing right to make amends.


To live here in this world, necessitates our recognition that we must not only keep our own house in proper order but that we have an inherent obligation to help our neighbor in accomplishing such also by our interactions with them , including our aid, wisdom, advice, and sweat labor, that we so provide.