Getting God all so very wrong / by kevin murray

In so many ways and in so many circumstances, God gets an incredibly bad name from essentially ignorant human beings that really ought to know better.  For instance, one of the greatest lies and misconceptions about God is that God allows bad things to happen to us as well as to others, as if God somehow gets a perverse delight in our misery.  So too, there are many people that believe that their cause or their righteousness is so strong that when something tragic happens to them or a loved one, that this more or less proves the point that God either doesn't really care, or doesn't exist, or is powerless.  That credulous belief is fundamentally wrong, for this world, is exactly the world that we have made, based upon our own sovereignty and free will.  So then, when bad things happen, or when bad things occur that we do not like or that we do not desire, this is all part and parcel of living in a world of bad actors and bad actions.  This then means that the trouble that we face, is the trouble that we have brought about us, whether directly or indirectly through our actions, happenstance, or through poor fortune and seemingly bad luck.


This then means that it is a complete waste of time and breath to rail at God, for our tragic or troubling circumstances, rather than finding the real source of our troubles, which often times rests at the feet of mankind, and no other place.  It therefore is wrong on every conceivable level to blame God for a life filled with injustice, hatred, cruelty, unfairness, misery, and tragedy, for that blame is squarely on the shoulders of mankind, itself.  This signifies that the change that so many yearn for, must come from mankind in changing its heart and its ways so as to help manifest a better world, for all of us.


God has made it very clear to all those that will study His Word, and contemplate upon His Magnificence, that "… with God all things are possible," (Matthew 19: 26).  These are not empty words but are the Truth, itself, of which, in every conceivable way, and in all times, there is always that avenue available for mankind to avail itself of, if only mankind would clearly recognize that the only way to get to where they innately desire to go, is to forego wrong, and thereby to take it upon themselves to dedicate their lives to doing only what is right.


It is a privilege for each of us to have been gifted with free will and freedom, of which, the wisest amongst us, recognize implicitly that free will, is a godlike power that demands to be understood and must be controlled extremely well, for it is this free will, that can create absolute wonders, as well as when used incorrectly, creating horrible horrors.  Unfortunately, far too often, mankind misuses its free will in such a way, that life becomes death, liberty becomes imprisonment, and the pursuit of happiness, becomes the pursuit of misery.  So then, in abject anguish, mankind conveniently blames God for their ills, whereas all those ills really come from a lack of an appropriate mature perception and habitual godlessness.