Do your best, today / by kevin murray

There are plenty of people that put off the important and vital things that they need to attend to today, and claim that they will get to it, tomorrow.   While it is true that some people are quite good, about waking up the next day and getting done what they need to get done, they are often the exception to the rule of those people that put off things that should be done today, only to find, that tomorrow, brings the same sort of procrastination.


There are so many things that can be done on any given day, that each person, should prioritize what it is that they need and should get done and to work exactly on that; because, without some sort of orderly arrangement and structure, than what gets done, may not be what should get done, but rather instead are often the things that are easier to get done, or sort of get done, or just kind of get done, of which far too many of those things, aren't really what needs to get done.


On any given day, we should want to put forth our best effort in the activities that we address, recognizing that none of us are limited to just a finite time that we can be at our best; signifying that if we strive to be at our best as often as we can, than we will for a certainty, be at our best far more often than people that wait until they feel circumstances are just right to be or attempt to be at their best.


The best way to get tasks completed is to have goals and objectives not only for the day at hand, but also to have goals and objectives that are much further away than that, of which, when we attend to those things that need to get done and do them well presently, while also keeping our eye on the tasks that we are focusing on for the long term, our consciousness and resolve of addressing each of those things  each day is going to get us closer to realizing our goals, as opposed to being haphazard or indifferent about such.


None of this means that there aren't going to be days or times when we really do need to think and contemplate thoroughly about something important, and therefore do put off some things until tomorrow, but that isn't procrastination, but rather it is prudence, for part of accomplishing goals and activities, is preparing ourselves correctly to do so.  This means, that if research is necessary, or certain tools are required, or outside advice is necessitated, that we should see that this is done, because lots of activity without foresight is not going to be as effective as someone that really knows where they are going and thereby finds the means to obtain the proper accouterments that they need to get there.


The deception about tomorrow, is the deception that people get into when they habitually use excuses for their failures and shortfalls, rather than stepping up and admitting that their failures or lack of success, are more often than not, their own responsibility.  Those that do as much as they can today, and do it well, are going to be the same people, that will find their tomorrows much better, than those that hope for a great tomorrow, without laboring for a good today.