Wonder, Amazement and Perception / by kevin murray

There are plenty of people that see the wonders of nature and are deeply appreciative of its beauty, as they well should be.  Unfortunately, for some of these same people, their wonder of such, supersedes the true recognition that the greatest wonder of them all, isn't really the landscapes and natural phenomena that enchants us, which rightly has its place, but rather is, the fact that our mind is able to see this as being the wonder that it is.


That is to say, without our ability to process and to perceive the things that we see or things that we touch or the things that we hear, this would essentially mean that all these beautiful scenes that surround us, would not be able to be appreciated or even really rightly recognized.  So then, those that are so enraptured about mother earth, while well meaning, should recognize that the greater miracle is actually the fact that they are able to perceive such as magnificent as it is.


This means that the most important frontier is not in all probability something that is tangible to our five senses, but rather what is intangible, of which, the portal for that door of perception is the mind that we are all gifted with.  So then, it follows that we should want to look behind the curtain to actually discover how our mind really works and thereby to perhaps truly to see as if for the very first time.


They say that none are so blind as those that will not see, who then wrongly believe that the images, beautiful or not, that are in front of them, are the be all and end all of everything, as opposed to the perception of that beauty, that truly comes not from the eyes, but from the mind, itself.    So then, while it is intriguing to see the wonders of the world as they are and what they might become, of far more worth, is to delve into the mind within, and to unravel the layers upon layers of our awareness; that for many people is unfortunately, too often left to run on autopilot or just ignored.


That is not to say, that the world, especially of its beauty, is not something worthy of our respect, admiration and appreciation, but rather that those very things that appear to be all so real to us, may not in the skeins of time, be as real or nearly as permanent as their appearance may suggest.  So that, we might just find, that it is our mind that is in actuality the essential part of our being, and it is with this mind that we able to cross into dimensions, far beyond our natural senses and their inherent limitations.


So then, when we see the beauty of natural phenomena, as great as it can be, those wonder of wonders, as incredible as they are, they must be recognized for what they really are, which is just a wonderful enticement and tease for us to thereby find the Ultimate Source of this beauty, recognizing that the search to end all searches, comes through the portal of our mind.