God is only going to ask you just one question / by kevin murray

Sooner or later, whether desired or not, anticipated or not, we all have to meet our Maker.  Most anyone with any real sensibility is not going to face our Most High God, without some sort of trepidation, for unlike human interactions, it is impossible to get one over on God.  God knows you better than you know yourself, for God is omniscience, personified.  Not only that, when you face God, there is nowhere to hide, no space to run to, and nowhere to go, for it is truly the final reckoning.


When you are in school and in class in this world, those that perform best on tests are usually the very ones that have listened well, applied themselves to the subject matter, studied well, and thereby have subsequently tested well on the exams.  So too, in the only class that really matters, each of us will be examined by the Master Teacher of them all.  The school class that we are all part of is called life, and how we live our lives is the essay of whom and what we really are.  Obviously, those that understand the subject matter to be tested, and in addition to that, prepared themselves to do well on the examination, that none can escape from, are going to score higher, especially over all those others that are ignorant, nonchalant, ill prepared, or even actively opposing God.


In the scheme of things it would be nice to know ahead of time what questions and what subjects are going to be covered on our "Exit" exam.  In point of fact, it is the exact same question for everybody.  That question is in so many words: "What have you done to be of benefit and of aid to others?"  For some people, that may well be the question that they want to hear, whereas for others it most definitely will not be.  Further, there will be plenty of people that will consider that question to be unfair, or even stupid, but that is the question.


The reason that God asks that specific question is because each of us, without a single exception, have been created by the exact, same God, equally held and equally loved by God.  This means that all those that spend an inordinate amount of time demonizing others, claiming that this creed or this color or this inhabitant is unclean or an infidel, don’t seem to comprehend the most basic thing: that we are all the very same substance.  So too, all those that think solely of themselves or just of their family, to the exclusion of others, are missing this very point, which is that to do right to those that have a vested interest in us doing right to them, is hardly to anyone's everlasting credit.  Rather, those that do right, specifically do right to those others that do not have the capability at that time, and may not ever have the capability at any time, to reciprocate in kind, but often are appreciative of that kindness freely given.


Everything that is wrong in this world can be attributed to mankind's selfishness.  To successfully overcome such selfishness requires that each of us makes it their point and their principle to think less of their own self, and more of the other, recognizing that in the voluntary helping of the other is the true eternal fulfillment that we so covet and long for, in that our service to others, completes us.