For all those that want to be, Kings and Queens / by kevin murray

There aren't that many princes or princesses, or Kings or Queens, in today's modern society, yet, as provided to us by novels, plays, movies, and real life, there is plenty of romance and belief in Kings and Queens.  While there aren't that many nations ruled by absolute monarchies, there are plenty of countries that are in fit, form, and function, run essentially by just one person, although they may not have the designation of a King or Queen, they behave and conduct the actions of the state as if they are one.


For whatever reason, perhaps, wish fulfillment, or fantasy, there are plenty of people that wish to see themselves as a King or Queen or as a King or Queen in waiting, and while this sort of fantasizing is relatively harmless, it can also provide us with a true object lesson.  That is to say, if a given individual truly believes that they are deserving of being a King or Queen, then in fairness, the question should obviously be asked as to whether what they are doing right now, in addition to what knowledge that they have right now, as well as the overall trajectory of their life, truly represents the demeanor, accomplishments, and accouterments of someone that would become a good King or Queen.


In point of fact, the world already has an overabundance of people that are selfish, self-centered, cruel, and spiteful, of which, quite obviously more of those types of people in real power are not needed.  Rather, there is a lack of those that have the attributes of what would make for a good King or Queen, of which, characteristics such as justice, consistency, fairness, courage, decisiveness, impartiality, generosity, forgiveness, faithfulness, empathy, and discernment would obviously make for a  very sound basis of what defines a good King or Queen.


The bottom line is that for those that desire great leadership roles in life, they should make it their point and principle to create the good habits, persevere and do the hard work, obtain knowledge and knowhow, and understand the value of great mentorship in order to develop themselves into a better person, that truly can be of real benefit to others.  It isn't good enough to just fantasize about something of merit, without putting forth the true effort to be that something; because though a given King or Queen may be born into their throne, a good King or Queen becomes good by developing their skill sets and wisdom in a way that will truly be of service to their country, first and foremost.


Those that desire to be at the top in any business, or in their personal life, or for their country, must recognize, that the more responsibility that is placed upon their shoulders, of which, those decisions made have life and death consequences, as well as rich or poor outcomes, as well as victory or defeat situations, and are integral to whether there will be good times or bad times for that society, should be up for the task and extremely well qualified, for if they are not, woe to those people; and if they are, then such respect as given by the people, is well earned.