Is the greatest gift of mankind: reason? / by kevin murray

Western nations, especially, want mankind to believe that the greatest gift of them all is the usage of our knowledge and brain power, so as to reason out things; and from that reasoning, great material advancement in mankind has occurred.  To the extent that mankind uses its brain power in order to create knowledge, for the greater benefit of mankind than such most definitely has its place; and to the extent that knowledge is utilized in order to reason out things, properties, theories, and logic, for the improvement of mankind, so much the better.


The problem comes though, from those that believe that the only true god worth worshiping is the humanist god of mankind, which apparently is their faculty of being able to reason out things from the knowledge that they have acquired.  That belief, wrongly indicates that there is no higher form of knowledge than mankind's ability to reason, but even a cursory glance around this modern day world, puts the sword to the effective worth of nothing but reason, or acquired knowledge, as being the greatest gift of mankind, for not one single societal ill that has bedeviled mankind for centuries has been thoroughly resolved in the present day.


For instance, the first World War, was also known as the "war to end all worlds", but, in fact, this obviously was not the case, as never have so many been killed in warfare than in the 20th century.  So too, while there are riches that abound throughout this planet, more than three billion people, as reported by live on less than $2.50 a day.    Again and again, for every good thing that reason, progress, and knowledge has brought forth to mankind, the overall effect, has not resolved the continuing problems of injustice, warfare, poverty, and ill health, though, of course, for some people, such has worked out rather well in their favor.  Further to the point, as reported by, the Doomsday Clock, which measures the likelihood of a global catastrophe as of 2018, registers at just two minutes to midnight.


So while credit must be given to mankind for developing well its mind, increasing its knowledge, and improving its reasoning powers, clearly that, in of itself, when we look at the trouble that this world is in, is not nearly enough.  Rather, because the basic theory of mankind's reasoning is built upon the foundation that the universe and the construct that we live in is order; then it would stand to reason, that the highest duty then of mankind is to know that Activator of that order, for that is quite obviously, the very First Cause, and to know this, is the only knowledge that actually truly matters, for all else, are at best, substitutes for such.


This means that actually the greatest gift ever provided to mankind, is the connection that each of us has been gifted with, which is our unalienable and unbreakable connection to God.  This so dictates, and behooves therefore each one of us, to recognize that all knowledge is contained within God, for all knowledge is God, and therefore those that are able to focus within and to align their mind correctly into the portal of the unassailable wisdom of God, will know via their intuition the Truth, the whole Truth, and nothing but the Truth, of which this Truth is forever united with Justice and Love.