Law and order, and the rich / by kevin murray

The cry for law and order has probably been around in one form or another in America, forever.  Still, the epitome of the law and order in the modern day is probably best represented by Richard Nixon, who stated, "Law and order is in the interest of all Americans. Let's just make sure that our laws deserve respect; " yet, to demonstrate his dishonesty, Nixon, when under intense pressure from the Watergate break-in, stated, "Well, I'm not a crook;" but the truth of the matter is, that when faced with the consequences of his illegal actions, he resigned the Presidency, rather than suffer the indignity of impeachment, knowing that a deal to later be fully pardoned was in place, which is the very definition of law and order hypocrisy.


The reason that so many of the rich, the elite, and the connected, are typically so strongly in favor of law and order, is that the most prevalent crimes committed are property crimes, such as theft, robbery, and larceny, of which those that have monetary assets, have no need to participate in those crimes.  So too, violent crimes against the person, such as assault, rape, and murder are also not often going to be crimes that rich people are going to engage in, for those are the very things that they fear will happen to them; so then, in short, they want tough law and order laws, consisting of stop and frisk laws, racial profiling, and harassment of all stripes to occur, so as to successfully keep the barbarians outside of their gates.


In point of fact, it doesn't get much simpler than this, which is that when you already have all the money and wealth that you could possibly need, of which that wealth is pretty much iron clad protected, except for some trivial walking around money; then the only thing of immense worth to protect, is the physical form of the individual, for all the wealth in the world cannot successfully put Humpty Dumpty back together again, if he is assaulted.  So then, since so many of the privileged rich and successful, are in the scheme of things, involved with some sort of risk management, than in their own narrow-minded world, they don't wish to risk having themselves getting physically hurt or strong armed in any way, for as they say, better to be safe than sorry, which essentially means to lock all those others up unless they behave as docile, controllable, and obedient human beings.


So too, the robber barons of this world, understand well this very thing, that because they are the ones that exploit the people to such a heavy extent, that therefore a significant portion of those people will subsequently have no fair opportunity in society, as well as no semblance of a decent and wholesome family life, in addition to  being purposely deprived of a good education; all because, the infrastructure of seeing that all this is successfully accomplished, necessitates a much higher degree of taxation of  the rich man's wealth, and that they will not give up.  This therefore indicates that they are obviously completely cognizant, that in order to maintain their status that they require the policing/justice arm of the state, to obey their dictates, and thereby to demand strict law and order, but never for the betterment of society, for there is no reformation intended, but rather so that the rich can remain rich, at the expense and exploitation of the poor and disadvantaged.