The demonization of immigrants / by kevin murray

America as a country, and as a nation, would not exist, if it wasn't for immigration; yet, certain peoples, typically those from Mexico and Central America, are presently treated as if they are the refuse of the world, by the policing/justice arm of America.  The current policy of this government seems to be, that anybody, but specifically Mexican and Central Americans, that cross the border without authorization into the United States, are dangerous criminals.  While, those that enter the United States of America without authority or authorization to do so are, in fact, in violation of the law, today's policy is not nearly as cut and dried, as certain types of governmental officials like to portray it.


For instance, as reported by, there are an estimated 12.5 million illegal aliens in America.  This fact, clearly demonstrates that America selectively enforces its illegal immigration laws; in addition to the salient fact, that the sheer size of illegal immigrants in this country signifies that businesses and other enterprises have a strong and vibrant need for illegal immigrant labor, of which, even a cursory glance at the hospitality industry, construction industry, restaurant employment, agricultural workers, janitors, and meat cutting industries, demonstrate that these immigrants are not only gainfully employed, but are employed in abundance, if not, almost exclusively.


So then, the illegal immigrants are not only amongst us, they are actively working within America, and have been doing so for decades upon decades.  Further to the point, the most recent demonization of illegal immigrants is done for a dual purpose, of which the first is to allow those that employ such, to exploit them even further than they already do, for the avenues of justice for these illegal immigrants to get their fair due, are problematic, at best.  Secondly, the demonization of these illegal immigrants, allows certain Americans to believe that the systemic problems that America has, is not because America itself is fat, lazy, and corrupt; but rather it is because of the wanton criminality of these illegal immigrants.


In point of fact, as reported by, "…immigrants are less likely to commit serious crimes or be behind bars than the native-born, and high rates of immigration are associated with lower rates of violent crime and property crime."  The most obvious reason of why this is so, is because illegal immigrants typically keep very low profiles, specifically, because they do not want to attract attention to themselves and do not wish to interact with the strong arm of the law.  In addition, despite their exploitation by so many employers in America, there is still a basic rule of law in America, there is still opportunity in America, and there is still a general freedom in America; all of which illegal immigrants typically do not have from their birth country.


If this government truly wants to do something about the prevalence of illegal immigration, then they need to begin such with honesty and forthrightness.  That is to say, far too many of those that employ or accommodate illegal immigrants, do so, in order to exploit them and to cheat them, of which, they would prefer things just the way that they presently are.   So too, the propaganda arm of this government wants the general public to believe that the lawlessness from a minority of illegal immigrants, is somehow endemic within America.  A more honest and a more candid America, would recognize, that immigration, illegal or not, is good for America, and has been good since the very beginning, and America should therefore adjust their immigration policies to reflect this very fact.