Questions and answers / by kevin murray

A lot of times people state that those that give the best answers have to be the most intelligent and astute people, and while that may well be true, a belief such as that, discounts the value of the person that is asking the right quality questions.  For instance, most teachers tell their students that there is no such thing as a stupid question, but in fact, there most certainly is; especially questions that are asked in which clearly the student has not been listening or paying attention to what the teacher has been repeatedly saying on a given subject, for that question asked, is a reflection of their lack of focus.


So too, there are plenty of conversations in regards to matters of real importance, in which a given person's inability to ask the appropriate and salient questions, in order to efficiently receive in turn answers that are of actual value, indicates someone that lacks perception, insight, and preparedness.  Sometimes, indeed, questions are being asked that aren't really germane to the subject matter at hand, representing a true reflection that the person asking the questions doesn't readily understand the subject matter or isn't concentrated upon that matter, and therefore, the answers received are not going to be nearly as much benefit for them because the right question has not been formulated.


Additionally, those that aren't able to come up with good questions, are the very same people, that aren't able to do their part in order to have a meaningful conversation; which perhaps is why so many people spend so much of their time with their heads down, and their thumbs moving, texting back and forth with one another, because they are clueless as to how to actually engage another peer in a consequential conversation.


While it is true that most people that answer questions well, are themselves able to ask questions well, it is not true for everyone, for there are plenty of people, that are quite book smart, but lack street smarts, and that lack of knowledge, means that they don't know the best questions to ask in order to get the information that they really require.  So then, those that may actually have the right answers, may also, at the same time, not really know the right questions to pursue, and in order to progress within a given endeavor it is important to know not only the answers but also the necessary questions; especially since part of any quest, is to ascertain everything that needs to be known, in order for that quest to be successful, and that necessitates formulating the right questions in order to get the right answers.


Additionally, those that do not question things, often enough, are not progressing as far as they could progress, because they are frequently too accepting of the orthodox viewpoint, rather than seeing things as they are, and then having the courage and curiosity to want to question as to whether those things can be better; for it is, more times than not, those that push beyond conventional wisdom, that helps mankind to advance, because progress necessitates taking into account different perspectives, different viewpoints, and different questions, all of which will produce different answers, because only when a given subject matter is thoroughly examined, does the right answer become illuminated.