The 4th of July, means absolutely nothing, unless… / by kevin murray

Each year in America, the 4th of July is celebrated, as this nation’s independence day, but many people are not cognizant that at the time that this declaration was signed and ratified by the thirteen colonies and by their representatives, that America was for all intents and purposes still a colony of Great Britain.  That is to say, the 4th of July should more properly be remembered as a resolution for that independence, but did not in and of itself, create that independence.  Instead, America would have to battle Great Britain, in a bloody revolutionary war, until 1781, to effect its independence, and had it failed; the 4th of July, would not mean much of anything, except as an answer perhaps to some obscure trivia question, for many a colony or civilization has risen up against its master, only to be absolutely crushed.

So, first of all, for the 4th of July to mean anything, whatsoever, that revolution to effect that independence, has to succeed, which it did.  Secondly, and really of even more importance, that revolution having succeeded must then live up to its lofty goals and ideals, of which, many a revolution and revolutionaries have succeeded in their arm rebellion, only to fundamentally after having taking over power, not been any improvement over the government that they so overthrew.  In regards to America, the standard that they must be held to, is a very high standard, for America in its declaration declared foremost that all men are created equal, and further that their Creator has endowed those men with certain unalienable rights, in addition to the salient fact that just governments are instituted among men, deriving their just powers from the consent of those so governed.

America has existed as an independent nation since the Treaty of Paris in 1783; so plenty of time has passed in which a reasonable person can therefore render a reasonable judgment as to whether or not America has lived up to its Declaration of Independence, or whether it has not.  In regards to all men being created equal, though it has taken many generations, bloodshed, and amendments to the Constitution, itself; America legally has created an institution in which all people are subject to equal rights, as well as equal laws, but, sad to say, a law is only as good as its effect in reality, and for this, America, is clearly a country that favors the few at the expense of the many, which has been the case since its inception.  In regards to its Creator and those certain unalienable rights, America has in recent generations attempted to redefine itself, as a country in which there is a impregnable wall of separation of state and its Creator, and further the state has taken fundamental steps to remove the Creator and treat such as an irrelevancy, and thereby those unalienable rights, have been replaced by the state, so that now what once was unalienable have become alienable rights, for it is the state that declares what is right and what is wrong.  Finally, a just government derives its just powers from the consent of the governed, but America has functionally created a privileged and powerful elite class, that is above the law, and that effectively rules this nation and vacates the voice of the people.

In summary, the 4th of July is a promise broken, and a promissory note, defaulted.  Those that celebrate the 4th of July, mostly do so, without comprehending that America has not yet lived up to its Declaration of Independence, and doesn’t appear that it ever will do so.