Did you remember to thank the person that first turned you on to drugs or alcohol? / by kevin murray

We are told to be polite to people, and one of the ways that we demonstrate that politeness is to thank the person that provided us with a gift, especially those gifts that we still are utilizing until this very day.  One of those "gifts," which seems to be one of those things that seldom gets the thanks that so many other gifts do, is forgetting to thank the person that first turned us on to drugs or to alcohol.  How could we be so forgetful?


In point of fact, while there are some newborn babies that are born addicted to drugs, because their mother was still abusing drugs, despite being pregnant; most of the time, those that end up taking their first smoke, or their first drink, or their first illicit drug, did so, not so much because they just woke up one day, desiring to do those various things, but rather because of peer pressure, or poor role models, or bad parental influence.  That is to say, individuals become aware of drugs and alcohol, primarily through other people, and some of those that end up experimenting with them do so, because their inspiration comes from being around those that are a bad influence or they are stuck within a very bad environment.  Then there are certain others, that are put or placed into a predicament, in which a good "friend" or someone that has influence or respect with them, introduces them to a drug, or smoke, or alcohol, in which that peer pressure or similar, encourages acquiescence to that solicitation.


In any event, most people that first attempt to smoke, or drink, or to do drugs do so because they have been influenced by someone directly or indirectly to do so.  While the amount of defense, that a given person puts up to say "no," varies upon individual to individual, even those that put up a pretty good fight, will often, if they are in the same situation again and again and again, are going to be very susceptible to giving in to that proposition, eventually.  For some of those "newbie's," their first taste of alcohol, or drugs, or smoking, will be one that does not appeal to them, and this may, in fact, give them the courage to say "no," more convincingly to others, especially if they are able to add that they have done it, and found it unappealing.  On the other hand, for those first ingesting these substances, even when the overall experience is not very good, the peer pressure behind that solicitation and follow through may well encourage them to try it again and again, until they become acclimated to it and thereby become one of the regular participants.  Still there are others, that once introduced to it, take a real liking to it, and need no further persuasion to keep with it.


In all of these cases, the question must be asked, as to whether all those that have first taken these substances, have, in fact, thanked the person that first turned them on to drugs, or alcohol.  In all probability, there hasn’t been a lot of thanking, and rather, instead, there probably has been a lot of cursing and regret for many of those having first started and discovering to their dismay, later, that their habit has gotten a real hold over them.  Take solace in this, however, the person that first turned you onto drugs or alcohol, will definitely get their thanks; though, probably not in the manner that they may be welcoming.