What footprints are you leaving behind for those to follow? / by kevin murray

People learn in various ways, on which, one of the more common ways, is that they learn from imitation and from following the example of people that they admire, look up to, or respect.  This does mean that what we do on any given day has some sort of influence over others, and can have a considerable amount of influence upon certain people, especially if we are in positions of respect, power, and authority.  If we wonder why certain family members have similar traits, good as well as bad, such often comes from the emulation of one person to another, of which that emulation typically supersedes words of caution, or other words, that contradicts the actions so often seen.  This means, that many people learn from the actions and deeds of another, rather than mere words of advice, without that corresponding action, because we imitate what we see from those we respect, for better or for worse.


The things that we do on any given day, will invariably leave lasting footprints, of which the most lasting of those footprints are the ones that truly represent who and what we really are.  So too, every step that we take is in some sort of direction, of which, many a person will literally meander around aimlessly, whereas others will make continual circles, and still others, will go way off course and become hopelessly lost.  These then are our footprints, of which these are not only our responsibility for having taken those steps, but because we live within cultures and societies, a reflection of our contribution to that society.


If, more people were to consciously reflect upon their responsibility to live up to and to be the best that they can be per their abilities, then the footprints so left, by those people, would be far more purposeful.  That indeed is the mindset that more people need to adhere to, because the better and more true that our actions are, the better and more true other people's actions will therefore be, because so many learn so much from others.


Remember well, that it isn't just politeness that makes so many people give due credit to others, in regards to their success and achievements in life, for in many cases, those people so acknowledged, did indeed provide meaningful guidance and assistance, either directly or indirectly.   If, today, we shudder at the thought that someone is actually trying to emulate us, we ought to therefore know that our footsteps are clearly not right, for if it is just good for the goose, but not good for the gander, then the reality of it is it probably isn't good at all. 


It is important to understand, that in order to make the right and purposeful footsteps, a well developed and well reasoned plan must be foremost in our minds, and every step that we thereby take, should be a step in which we consciously acknowledge whether that step is taking us closer to where we need to be or taking us further away; and the more that we stay in tune and in harmony to what is purposeful and right, the truer will be our footsteps, and the better therefore will be our guidance for others that so follow our steps.