The value of kindness / by kevin murray

The positive change that we would like to see in the world as well as in our relationships is not the type of change that can instantly occurred, for wrong behaviors, and wrong actions, especially those of long standing, cannot be simply overturned in the blink of an eye.  So too, all those that feel overwhelmed that the little that they do, or the little that they accomplish, couldn't possible change a thing, devalue themselves too much, and should know, that every act of kindness and that every act done with love, are the very basis for real positive change to inexorably occur.


The fact of the matter is that our actions and our behaviors, no matter how small apparently is the scale, has an impact upon our neighbors, as well as upon our friends and family, and for the society that we integrate with.  This means that every time that we are simply kind to another, and when we use words of goodwill and demonstrate brotherly concern to another, than we truly are doing our part to make the world better for us being here. 


Successful lives and successful relationships are fundamentally structured upon little acts of kindness and rightness, in which, these acts, step-by-step, make for more harmony and for better living, for the right words and the right actions given on behalf of another, can have incredible positive rippling affects for the betterment of society.  That is to say, what we do and how we interact with others, makes a real difference, for every action performed, has a reaction, so that, those that are patient, caring, and forgiving, more times than not, are helping to make relationships and society better.


To be unkind or dismissive to another, is a very easy thing to do, for destruction and negativity, seldom requires any forethought, whereas to hold one's  tongue, as well as to speak and to do the right thing especially in critical and stressful situations, has real consequences, and thereby requires a skill-set of maturity, wisdom, humility, and empathy.  


So many people have been in a volatile situation in which the right words, fitly spoken, have defused such, so that, heightened emotions subsequently are able to calm down; whereas the wrong words and wrong actions, so done, have escalated things further, exacerbating such.  But even when a given situation does go off the rails, this does not signify that we should be unkind to one another, for kindness is seldom the wrong action to take, for each one of us, whether on the surface, or deep inside, carries some hurt, as well as disappointment and fear, of which, knowing that someone else really cares, provides that hopefulness, comfort, and strength to keep on carrying on.


Each day, each one of us, decides how we will conduct ourselves in our interactions with others, of which, few of us will always make the correct decisions, so then, in recognition that each of us, makes errors and mistakes, the least that we should do, is to practice kindness and consideration with others, for when we are wrong and mistaken, we so appreciate those that are considerate and kind to us, because by doing so, we feel better, for knowing that we are fairly valued by others.