Your health and your faith / by kevin murray

Most everyone at one time or another, have suffered from some illness to the degree, that the person so suffering have felt not only that weakness and vulnerability deep inside of them, but also have often felt discouraged and even forsaken by that sickness, and only will feel themselves again, when they are back in good health.  This so indicates that good health is very important for virtually everyone, and why so many will try all sorts of things, and seek out all sorts of people, even those that are not medically trained to receive the healing to their physical body that they so desperately desire.


The one thing that so many people seem especially reluctant to try, though, is to actually go directly to the Great Healer, which is our God, of which that reluctance probably stems from those people lacking the appropriate faith and apparent recognition that they are truly children of God.  That is to say, for those that are believers in God, they must implicitly recognize that God does not subdivide people into lesser and greater children, but sees all of His children as being equally worthy of His love and therefore all that God has, is theirs, for the asking. 


Of course, this does not mean that western medicine does not have its place, for it surely does; and to ignore or to walk away from prudent medicinal actions, because one believes that God solves, cures, and saves all, is almost always a monumental mistake, especially for all those of great ego that pretend that such is faith, whereas such bluster masks as faith, but is not.


What is important to note, is that those that have the faith to believe that a gifted healer can heal them, should recognize that such a gifted healer could only have such legitimate power unless such came from a power above them that they draw upon, which is God.  So then, it behooves those that are faithful, to believe that they are quite capable themselves of being healed, if they are able to overcome their unbelief to believe that nothing is impossible for those that have the faith that moves mountains, and thereupon call onto the Greatest Resource of them all. 


The problem though, for many, is impatience, so that those people, will often rail against God or whoever comes to mind, when they are not healed, instantly; or they do not receive this, or they do not receive that, as if God is the problem, whereas, God is always the solution to any problem.  The fault lies not in God, but in our own self, as well as often a misunderstanding of the circumstances that seem to hinder our selves, or the misreading of the perceptions that come into our mind. 


When it comes to our body, we are the master of it, for the body does not have its own mind; instead there is one mind that controls both body and soul.   Therefore, let us see our physical body as being under our command at all times, and never forget that salient fact, for our body owes absolute obedience to us and none else, and those that faithfully believe this, are the masters of their health.