Sanctity of life, necessitates God / by kevin murray

Western nations have increasingly taken upon themselves a more secular viewpoint, of which God is being consciously pushed away from the public sphere, and is now considered to be only really acceptable for sensible people to contemplate such within the private space of their home, or their church, or in their thoughts; but what has been forgotten is that all of the unalienable rights that citizens have, and the transcendent concepts that are valued so much and are still impressed upon us, are all fundamentally based upon having and knowing our Creator, from which these unalienable rights come from.


That is to say, without God, there is no sanctity of life.  So too, without God, all the rules and regulations, all the laws and punishments, all the rights and wrongs, are not defined and circumscribed by natural law as received by mankind from God; but rather is instead, replaced by manmade law, as defined and determined by mankind, of which these laws are ever changing.  Which means, for those that believe that God has no place in this world, is that life cannot have sanctity, that life cannot have meaning, and that in life, everything is permitted, subject to the power of those that make the laws, uphold the laws, and enforce the laws.


This means, for those that believe not, that they basically live within a construct that is defined by mankind, which indisputably favors some at the expense of the many, which is unfair in its application and its outcome, and that does what it can to favor the chosen at the expense of all others.  So too, this means that some lives are of more value to those that control the power reins, whereas other lives have little or no value, and because this is the power structure so constructed, then decisions are made which support and uphold this particular viewpoint, which is inimical to the life, liberty, and the happiness of mankind as a whole.


All those that do not believe that the sanctity of life, necessitates God, are in the scheme of things, not true believers in the sanctity of all human life, or are not being honest about their innate belief in God.  For instance, those that believe in the sanctity of life without God, are going to be outplayed, outmaneuvered, and outfoxed by those that also don't believe in God, with the exception being that those people also have taken their lack of belief in God to its logical conclusion, so that without God, there are no moral absolutes and therefore they are permitted to do whatever that they so desire, subject to the power structure within that domain.   On the other hand, those that believe in the sanctity of life, without expressing a overt belief in God, in which these people are actually leading lives of love, compassion, concern, patience, and generosity towards others, are actually demonstrating in action that they are functionally God believers, whether this is acknowledged directly or not.


For there to be sanctity of life, there must be a Creator of that life, of which that Creator must be the epitome of truth, justice, and love, without any conditions whatsoever being imposed upon those that have been given life.  So too, those that have life, must at their most fundamental level be constituents of that Creator, of which, that life, is beyond time, and forever eternal.