Blind obedience / by kevin murray

There is a place for obedience, especially for those that are dependent upon others for their safety and protection, such as those that are mentally challenged, or the very young, or the very old.  So too, there is a need for obedience when it comes to certain jobs and functions within jobs, of which, without such obedience the edifice of what is being created or what is being accomplished is disrupted with ill effects for all those involved. 


However, it is important to see obedience as for what it really is, which is the sacrificing of one's free will to the command or the dictates of another.  One should not readily do so, unless that person is absolutely convinced that such obedience to another is unconditionally correct, under all circumstances.  For instance, soldiers are trained in many things, of which, one of those things, is obedience to commands of a superior, of which, this is demanded from soldiers, because the life and death of others as well as the missions involved, necessitates, obedience without question.  So too, those that work, may well be taught, that they must obey their superiors at work, for continued gainful employment, of which, such obedience has been bought through the salary that the worker makes, and/or the fear that the worker has of being terminated or punished.


The reasons above may well be good and valid reasons, though how good and valid they really are, depends upon how often that those that obey commands in the heat of the moment, reflect later upon exactly what they have done, subsequently.  For to obey, even as a soldier, or to obey, even on the acceptance of money, without questioning those actions thereupon taken, is to fall well within the trap, of believing that those that obey, are somehow never responsible for the actions and things that they personally do under such obedience, but this, however, is fallacious reasoning.  It is fallacious, because the person that pulls the trigger of the gun is responsible for having pulled that trigger; and the person that does something disreputable for their company is responsible for having done that disreputable act, and to thereby hide behind obedience as the excuse, does not dismiss culpability.


All those that obey blindly, having the capacity not to do so, have forsaken their free will to the god of obedience.  So too, another way of looking at it, is that too often the easy road is the road of obedience as well as submission to authority; whereas the difficult road is to disobey what does not appear to be right and thereby to question authority, as well as to not submit to authority, unless that authority is able to justify the validity of what it is, that must be obeyed.


There are many that think that if everyone just stopped obeying, there would be chaos all throughout society, and perhaps to a certain extent there may might be; but better chaos with integrity, then obedience to those that have evil designs in their heart of which they need obedient subjects to carry out those nefarious designs, for without that blind obedience, they could not do the evil that is done.