The starting gate / by kevin murray

Every single one of us was created equally by our Creator, and there are no exceptions to this rule, for all are exactly of the same spiritual substance.  However, in this material experience, quite obviously, there are those that are born into poverty with often handicaps of all sorts, as compared to those that are born into wealth with often privileges of all sorts.  This does mean that the starting gate for people in this world is going to vary considerably depending upon the circumstances of their birth, the society that they live in, as well as the environment that they are involved with.  Still, to be fatalistic about circumstances negates the importance, impact, and vitality that each person has to make a difference not only in their own life but in the lives of others.


In sporting events, those games are played in a manner in which one team will win and one team will lose, of which, too many people have a tendency to see life as being something akin to winners and losers, without taking into consideration, where people started from, the advantages and disadvantages of the circumstances involved, the luck factor, as well as the pluck factor that each person brings to the table of opportunity and decisions.  This means that the starting gate for individuals is going to vary widely depending upon the situations that people face in their lives, so to expect those that start at a considerable distance back from privileged others, along with having to deal with all sorts of impediments to overcome is not appropriately seeing the world for what it really is.


The most important thing in life for individuals is almost never about winning, but rather, the most important thing is doing the best that a given individual can do, as well as striving to help make this world a better place for having been born into it.  So often, those that do well and make a positive impact are not the ones that simply "go with the flow" but rather are the ones that swim vigorously against the strong currents of oppression, prejudice, evil, abuse, and persecution.  The things that make a given person great are not so much the awards and accolades that people receive from respected peers and institutions, though those have their place, but rather come from the obstacles that a driven individual has willingly faced, and thereby have over a considerable period of time and effort, successfully overcome.  This then, makes the person, for in order for a hero to actually be a hero, that person most overcome something of real substance, that challenges them to the core, which often involves risk, and requires concentrated effort, perseverance, and the dogged determination to overcome; for easy victories, are for those too timid to try for more; whereas hard fought victories are for those that will not settle for less then what they believe must be achieved.


People spend far too much time comparing themselves to the Joneses, whereas what they should actually be doing, is tackling forthrightly the obstacles standing right in front of them, for it is in the overcoming of those obstacles, that new trails are blazed, and thereby the true character of that person, genuinely exposed.