The people have an unalienable right to self-determination / by kevin murray

It is important to recognize that legitimate governments are instituted amongst mankind for the benefit of mankind, and in particular, those governments rightly constructed, first and foremost, make it their point and their being to uphold and defend the unalienable rights that each denizen of that country and of that community are born with, and no legitimate government has the right to infringe or to take away any of those unalienable rights, without just cause.


One of those unalienable rights is the right for each individual within that community or within that country to have self-determination, which basically means the right to determine what it is that a given person desires to do without external compulsion unjustly limiting such, making therefore each person truly free to choose what it is that this individual so desires to do, subject only to the constraint of their abilities as well as they not unduly interfering or precluding other such individuals of their own free right to self-determination, and of in particular, for instance, infringing upon others their right to choose, or to take away their right to be free in their own person.


Those that no longer have the right to self-determination, because this has been wrongly taken away from them by force, or by governmental decree, or by unfairness of the law unequally applied, are not free, and have had a great wrong done to them, for those that are precluded from free choice, are, quite obviously, not free.  It then follows that those that are not free, are in essence, existing within a construct, in which those that control that freedom, control them, of which, those controlling that freedom, have usurped the unalienable rights of another.


To unjustly take away what is unalienable from anybody, is a great wrong, in which, many institutions have been built upon the lie, so propagated, that these other elite people and establishments, in positions of power, claim that they know what is best for a given individual, even though that individual is not them, of which this is justified as being in the best interest of the person who has lost their unalienable rights; but in actuality, the essence of the matter is that those that take away what is unalienable, do so, almost exclusively, not for any perceived benefit of those that have lost their unalienable rights, but rather to exploit, to control, and to empower their own selves, at the expense of those that have had their unalienable rights wrongly taken from them.


The reason that self-determination is so vital and so important, is because what we are and what we become should be something that is a domain within our own control and by our own volition, and no other.  For, in the scheme of things, the happiness, liberty and freedom that we endeavor to have, should never be seen as something that is somehow freely bestowed upon us by the state, as if the state has godlike powers; but rather should be seen, as something that is rightly earned by all those endeavoring to do so, in which communities and countries are created to help build better those foundations that will benefit the people as a whole, all gathered together as a working team, determined to improve their world, freely chosen and freely achieved.