Government of the people, by the people, and for the people / by kevin murray

The primary purpose of good governance is for the people to join together in a body politic, so that this community of people can therefore come together to accomplish tasks, duties, and obligations that would not be done as well or even could be done in their separate or individual capacities.  That is to say, people voluntarily join together so as to create societies meant for the greater good of those people, so that those people can prosper, be protected, establish justice, and to ensure domestic tranquility, for all of those people so gathered together as one.


Unfortunately, despite the fact that the Constitution as well as the Declaration of Independence were written with the best of intent to ensure that this would be a country of, by, and for the people, the actual results do not indicate that this is the case.  For instance, when governmental rules and regulations, protections, taxation, and favoritism are acted upon and created in particular to specifically favor one corporate interest or a conglomeration of certain corporate interests at the expense of the people and/or undesired competition then this is a misuse of governmental influence.  So too, when that government which is sworn to the highest duty to protect its homeland, creates departments of defense and institutions of secrecy that the people as well as their representatives appear to have little salient impact or knowledge upon, and have not provided to those people true transparency and a fair accounting of what is occurring, of which the people are lacking in the ability to be involved in any meaningful decision making, then that defense department and its subsidiaries have become a law onto its own.   Additionally, a justice department that is truly fair and ethically valid, can only occur when that justice is rendered in a manner that all applicable laws are equally applied to all citizens in which that law can never be bought, circumvented, ignored, or countermanded, but is instead, upheld by the upmost integrity of those that are part and parcel of that institution.  Finally, a country that is founded on egalitarian principles, of which that country is no respecter of persons, recognizes that unequal and effectively segregated communities and institutions, are an anathema towards domestic tranquility, fairness, opportunity, and liberty, so that an legitimate government  would not ever countenance such.


So that, when that government makes it their point to play favorites in which some will prosper at the expense of the many, as well as to protect the rights of some at the expense of the many, in addition to often selling their purported fair justice to the highest bidder, and also deliberately creating rules and regulations that ensures that there will never be domestic tranquility because of the exploitation by the few against the many, then such a country as that, with a government behaving as that, is no country of life, liberty, or the pursuit of happiness, but rather it is its very opposite.


There is no greater force than government, for it is government and its institutions that either directly or indirectly control what isn't or is allowed, and how things will or will not work, because that government is effectively the military muscle and the might, the legislature, the justice department, and the executive branch, combined; so that when that government is not actually made up of the people, by the people, and for the people, then it is a false government and illegitimate, because it is not the government of, by, and for the people.