Violent crime in America / by kevin murray

Most people are quite aware that America is perceived as a violent nation, in which, such violence crime has been defined by the FBI as having four components: murder, forcible rape, forcible robbery, and aggravated assault.  As reported by, on a per capita homicide rate, four United States cities are listed in the top 50 highest homicide rates in the world, of which, not a single European city, nor a single Asian city, makes that ignoble list.  The bottom line is that the United States, is the outlier, in regards to violent crime, when compared against its European heritage, and this is especially appalling in consideration of the wealth that this nation has and represents.


The fact that there is so much violent crime in America, and that such crime appears to be intractable, is fundamentally a misconception.  While there are all sorts of ideas on how to combat this endemic amount of violent crime, such as by mandating far stricter rules and laws in regards to guns, and thereby a far higher degree of gun control, as well as more draconian incarceration for those that insist upon committing violent crime, that isn't necessarily the best way to successfully tackle the problem, because fundamentally the problem with violent crime in America, is that the conditions of inequality of opportunity and inequality of life, are the precursors of so much violent crime in America.


The reason that this is so, is because those that do not have a future, and have lost their realistic hope of ever succeeding in America, or of being treated fairly and of being considered of value in America, are going to strike out in ways that are inimical to American values, because frustrated people are often going to air out their grievances in ways that allow them to strike back at the injustices that they deal with on a day-to-day basis, so that those that are accorded no respect and no consideration, will often try to achieve some respect and some consideration, by trying to regain their honor and worth through violent crime.


Those that believe that being tough on violent crime, will eradicate violent crime are wrong.  Rather, the gross inequalities of America, the obvious unfairness of America, and the deliberate harassment and discrimination against those that are poor, disadvantaged, ill-educated, poorly housed, and of color, are the very things that perpetuate this violent criminal cycle that defines America. 


In order to truly reduce violent crime, it isn't enough to enact tough gun laws, or to take guns off of the streets, though that does help; but rather America must make it their point to begin to truly implement what was promised to those that are the least and most vulnerable amongst us, when the "Great Society"  was envisioned and enacted in the mid 1960s, of which the very point and principle of this great society was to eliminate poverty, improve public education, provide economic opportunity, and to eradicate racial discrimination. 


The amount of violent crime in America has a lot to do with hopelessness, moral ambiguity, frustration, and disrespect of those that have little or nothing, of which the foundational cure for such lies in a country that makes it their point to help those in need, as well as to be fair and just in all that it does, and demonstrates this in its actions, day-by-day.