The tragedy is not death but those that compromise their values to live / by kevin murray

The death of someone close to us, especially when it is unexpected, or of those that are great in the things that they have accomplished, or of great comfort to us, is considered to be by most people a sort of tragedy, which, it can very well be.  But, all that live, without exception in this world, must die, for that is the nature of physicality, of which, none, can escape.  So then, to not be cognizant that all must meet their Maker, is to fail to recognize that life in this world, is fleeting, and the sooner that we understand that the only thing that truly lives on from our lives, is the things that we have done and accomplished for others, as well as the wisdom that we have imparted to friend and foe alike, the sooner than that we realize that a life worth living is a life lived with purpose and integrity of the highest order.


Fear is one of those things, that far too often prevents people of sound mind, of getting around to doing the very things that they really should be doing, but they are reluctant to do, because they fear failure, or they fear ridicule, or they fear risk, or they fear losing something of importance, and well as having the fear of facing death.  Those that compromise the most vital and crucial beliefs in their life, so as to find safety, rather than to face, for example, physical harm, so that they then therefore pretend to be something that they really are not, are walking a very dangerous line, for though such may even be sensible, under certain conditions and certain contingencies, often this is the go-to excuse, and to not stand up when a given person must stand up, is to have traded something of moral value for something that is temporal and transient.  So too, those that compromise their values so as to earn more money, or to keep their status, or to stay within a given clique, have traded their integrity for something that has no real, lasting, or meaningful value, and have not the right to claim to be the good of what they had represented themselves to be, when they surely are not.


Additionally, there are those that wrongly believe that there is nothing worse than death, but though it may appear that death can be cheated, or delayed, it can never be avoided; and all those that will stop at nothing to better their own personal situation, at the expense of others, even others of the upmost importance, have traded their good, ethical values for a rather bad bargain, for justice cannot ever be cheated, though it may be delayed. 


Those that have the courage to face their adversaries and to stand strong as well as to battle against their adversities are people of real integrity, recognizing the truth that we are what we actually do, especially in those trying situations, that truly define who and what we really are.  Good people die each and every day, of which, those good people deserve our honor and respect; as opposed to those that have repeatedly failed their tests in the most crucial of times, so as to save themselves, never seeming to recognize that having compromised themselves so often, that their tragedy has only just begun.