Be good / by kevin murray

Mankind wishes to make life far more complicated and stressful then it really needs to be, for in the scheme of things, a good life really comes down to being good and doing good deeds for others.  That is to say, if doing the right thing was foremost in everybody's mind to begin with, and thereby one really lived their life in a manner in which the right and good things were done on a consistent as well as a daily basis, then this world would be a far more pleasant place for far more people to be an integral part of.


Far too many people get caught up into dogma, and find themselves enslaved to the concept of the letter of the law, while forgetting that what supersedes all good laws, spiritual or manmade, is not the letter of it, but the spirit of the law, all in accordance with God's good law.  For instance, when it comes to mankind's law, there are all sorts of clever lawyers that are able to twist and turn a given law and to manipulate such, so that what is crystal clear now devolves into shades of gray, all for the purpose of circumventing that law, as if fairness should somehow bow to cleverness, which it should not.  As for spiritual laws, these are meant for the benefit of mankind, and should not be blindly obeyed or adhered to, without forethought, as well as having each individual take the time to achieve a good understanding of the principles of that law, in which, too often those that interpret that law, as if they are that law, do so in a manner that bestows upon them, certain privileges and immunities, as if they are the law originators, whereas they are themselves subject to that same law, properly interpreted, with a clear understanding that it is the spirit of the law, that trumps over a given literal translation of the law, for the scripture itself, is filled with parables and analogies.


The doing of good often comes down to seeing yourself in the other person's shoes, and in recognition that every human life has value and it is our sacred responsibility therefore to uphold that value, by being forgiving, by being understanding, by being generous, and by caring.  That is to say, an eye for an eye is never going to be the good response, for that truly is a zero-sum game, in which neither party advances, though perhaps things could be looked upon as evening up by doing so.  On the other hand, those that are able to take their enemies and haters, and through their consideration, love, and respect, have those enemies and haters, eventually become their friends, have taken what once was a negative and turned it around for the good and benefit of both parties.


It's easy to hate, it's easy to destroy, and it's easy to be selfish, for all of that originates from frustrated desires, and frustrated egos.  Whereas, to love takes patience, kindness, and empathy; to create takes multiple hands working together as one; and to be unselfish necessitates the quieting down of the ego and recognition that all have inherent value that should be embraced and recognized.  Those that when they are given a choice, do good for others, are themselves good; and those that do not, are not.  Therefore, be good.