Overcome your problems / by kevin murray

Though there are many people that in their weaker moments, wished that they lived lives in which never a problem or challenge would occur in their personal experiences, in actuality, a life without challenges or problems to overcome, is a life that would after a while appear to be rather dull.  That is to say, it is the challenges and problems that life presents, that truly provides the good opportunity for a given individual to test their real mantle against those situations, and thereby helps to clarify and to define that person as to who and what they really are in actuality.


Unfortunately, far too many people when faced with challenges and problems have a strong tendency to wish to avoid such, often, by any means available.  For some, they do so because they do not believe that they have the wherewithal or the character to confront and to overcome a particular problem; whereas for others, they wish to avoid these problems because they feel that they are not prepared to deal with them at that particular time and place.  Then there are others, that simply believe to run from, or to escape from a good challenge or problem is the best way to react, especially when they find out that doing so, basically seems to work out for them in more cases than not, so that, for them, that evasion or escape, seems to be a viable answer, even if by doing so, they have sacrificed something of value, in order to effect that escape.


Somewhat regrettably, the mere running away or escaping somehow, from a particular challenge or problem is not going to resolve that problem or challenge, but rather, will simply put off until tomorrow that problem or challenge that either must yet be faced, or conceded to.  The thing is most people do not give themselves enough credit in their ability to confront as well as to overcome a particular problem or challenge, perhaps, because they lack the character or faith to believe that they are quite capable of overcoming such.


In point of fact, the challenges and problems that each of us face, are there as the opportunity to prove in action and reaction, our real worth and grit, and to thereby to simply run away from, or to ignore such, is not only a rather poor and somewhat cowardly response, but clearly also can be seen as character weakness.  This means that each of us needs to show the courage to face what must be faced, sooner or later, for to believe that half-hearted people are somehow going to be accorded full respect and emulation by others, is a falsehood.


This signifies, that while challenges and problems need not be welcomed in our life, that they should, however, and must be seen, as the very basis of who and what we are fairly defined by; especially in regards to our ability or inability to overcome them in one way or one form or another.  So then, rise up and face those challenges and those problems, of which, often one will find that by doing so, they weren't really quite the bogeyman so imagined, but even when they do seem intractable, keep on keeping on, for nothing really worthwhile does not come without the expenditure of the truest blood, sweat, and tears.