This nanny state owes us / by kevin murray

When we are born into this world, our parents take care of us, and they also know everything about us; in regards to our likes and dislikes, our habits, our tastes, our fears, and our preferences.  A good parent cares about its child, because that child is not only their responsibility to take care of, but also because that child is their own flesh and blood.  Additionally, while good parenting is very important for the proper upbringing of children, it doesn't ever really stopped, because our parents care so much about us, that they are more than willing to contribute to our good welfare, in things large and small, no matter our age, because to them, we will always be their children.


In today's world, the overreaching nanny state has actually morphed into something that wants to compete and to essentially replace our parents.  For this government, in its many agencies knows everything about us, even those things, that we have forgotten about, or that time has dulled our recollection of, but this government, sees all and knows all, and further to the point, is able to hold over on its population by the power of that knowledge.


Our government, uniquely identifies us, far beyond a mere name that we were born with, but with our own individual number, but not just one number, as in our Social Security number, but also our driver's license number, our passport number, and any other numbers that are associated specifically with just one individual.  Our government knows our educational achievements, it knows our grade point average, it knows where we went to school, all the various places that we have lived, as well as our employment history, our health history, our marriage history, our income, our assets, our banking and brokerage accounts and pretty much everything of relevancy.


Our government knows if we have student loans, knows who and where we donate our charitable monies to, knows our phone number, knows our email address, knows our sex, our height, our weight, our race, our religion, and has pictures of us in its database.  Further, through the power and/or coercion of government, all of our social media posts, and who we communicate with, including the length of time, date, and format, are all contained within the governmental database, along with any arrest records, or court cases that have been transacted in our lives.


The bottom line is our government truly knows everything about us.  Some might say that means they own us, and that does seem to be the case for some people; but what this government really should admit to is that it actually owes us, because of fact that they know us as well as or even better than our parents, therefore this signifies that as any good parent does, it is now the government's duty to take care of us, having essentially replaced our parents.


That is to say, all of this information that the government has on us, in order for it to have a good purpose behind it, should be and must be, to benefit the people of this country; for just to collect, collate, and analyze all of this reams of information, just to be nosey, is purposeless.    This means that this government needs to hold up to its end of the bargain, for to know everything about us and then not to do right by us, is to vacate the sacred responsibility that governmental omniscience has become obligated to; so then, this government owes us, and owes us, big time.