Ask this: Who do you answer to? / by kevin murray

There are all sorts of questions that individuals should want to know the answer to, of which, some of the most important questions aren't answered because they aren't ever asked.  Additionally, some good questions that are asked, aren't answered to the real point of that question, or have an answer stated that isn't really suitable, or aren't thoroughly thought through.  One of the questions that each person needs to ask, is who do they answer to?  Of course, a simple answer might say that they answer to their boss, or to certain family members, or to their own self, of which, each of these may hold some light to the answer, but they don't actually answer the question with real thoroughness.


In the scheme of things, life at its core, involves a hierarchy of people that answer to us and that we, in turn, answer to; of which, those that we answer to and those that answer to us, will change depending upon our age, our wisdom, and our position in life.   So then, it can be said that we answer to different people, at different times, depending upon the particular situation.  However, while that appears to be the immediate answer, that is not the full answer, because ultimately, even those that we answer to, must answer to a higher power; as well as those those receiving answers from us, recognize implicitly that we too must answer to a higher power.


In a strange way, perhaps that higher power is our own self, so that ultimately we are responsible for all that we say and do, so that our highest duty is to do right by our conscience; and to the degree that we answer to others, is only to the degree that does not violate that conscience, when so answering to their needs.  That does make sense, and is consistent with being true to our own self, but still, good conscience or not, it doesn't seem quite right that we are our own judge and jury, because even the best of us, are incapable of being completely fair minded, just, and objective in regards to the things that we do.  This thus, presupposes that there must be a higher power, beyond space and time, that is omnipresent, omnipotent, just, good, and immutable, of which, therefore it is then our highest duty to answer to that power, which is commonly known as God.


Again, the question must be asked: who do your answer to?  And that question, must be answer to its logical conclusion.  If, it is believed that we answer only to our self, then it so logically follows that each individual should be sovereign within their own domain, of which, this would imply that each of us is our own sort of god, of which, when we look around at the failures and injustices of society, this seems to be the actual mindset of so many.  Then there are others, perhaps more humble and respectful, which believe that they should answer to the governmental powers, or their family or things of that sort, but each of these entities are known to be fallible, so this cannot be correct.   Finally, there are those that understand, that each of us, must answer to the very same Source of it all, our Creator, and therefore by knowing this, they recognize that we are all equally created and are all children of the very same God, and thereby implicitly understand our commonality and therefore make it their mission to truly live the credo that all must answer to the very same One.