Those damn sporting awards that are issued before the competition officially ends / by kevin murray

Virtually every major sports leagues issues awards to the best players in that respective sport, usually done in more than just one category, so that in Major League Baseball, there is the Most Valuable Player, but there is also the Cy Young award.  So too, in the National Football league, there is the Most Valuable Player, but there is also the Offensive as well as the Defensive Player of the Year awards.  Additionally, most leagues over time, have added even more categories and more awards, so that the regular season has its MVP, and then the playoff season has its MVP, or even the last game of the year, such as the Super Bowl, has its MVP.


One might think that all of these awards that are issued are voted upon, tabulated, and then announced only when all the games have been fully played out, and although that is the case for certain awards, that is not always the case.  In fact, there are some individual games that insist upon naming the Player of the game and will do so before the actual game is even over; and then some sports will vote and then issue awards to players before the regular season or actual competition is over; or alternatively, will have all the votes tabulated before the season ends, and then withhold that result until the season ends, and then announced the winner as if the voting has been done based on the entire season, played.  


In an era in which electronic voting has never been easier, as well as to keep the integrity of these respective sports, intact; the ballot for such votes, and the voting itself, should never occur before all the pertinent game(s) have been played, especially in consideration that some outcomes are far from being decided, so that the voting of such should only be conducted when the competition is fully over.  Of course, the main reason, why such voting is allowed prematurely is mainly to keep it relevant to the interests of television viewers, sponsors, as well as other media outlets, but by compromising the integrity of such an award, which is supposed to represent, for example, a full season, or a full postseason, the award itself loses some of its true integrity.


If the very point of any sports award is to recognize and to acknowledge the player that is the best for that specific season, than the least the sport should do, is to only allow voting to commence upon the successful completion of that season, and not to allow such voting to start with a few games remaining.  After all, the award should reflect the entire season, not most or nearly all of the season, for though sometimes there is a clear and deserving favorite, there are other times when there is not, and the players that are able to step their game up at the most important of times, should be given the chance and opportunity to truly earn the award.


As is has been said, "It ain't over till the fat lady sings ," so then rather then not waiting for fat lady to sing, let her sing, and then vote.  The result will then be a fairer representation of what it should really be about.