The end of freedom and the replacement with state-sanctioned control / by kevin murray

There are plenty of people, perhaps good people, or perhaps obedient people, or perhaps law and order people that believe that it really is okay for the government or its agencies to monitor everything that a given person is doing, because only those that are criminals or enemies of the state have anything to hide.  At best, one could call these people, misguided; at worse, dupes of the system, or those that lack the ready capacity to think thoroughly or cogently, for each of these people, are fundamentally wrong, and are anathema to what this country was founded upon.


This country was founded upon freedom, and states within its Declaration of Independence, which is the seminal document of America, that our most fundamental and unalienable rights do not come to us from the state, but rather they come to us by our Creator, and therefore all those that are American, have the right to freedom of thought, to liberty, to a free conscience, and the right to be about their business, without untoward interference from the state; especially in consideration that the state in order to be legitimate, receives its just powers from the consent of the informed governed.


We now live within a construct in which the state, to a very large extent, has aggrandized more and more power unto itself, under the guise that such power and intrusiveness is necessary in order to provide good welfare, safety, and security.  In this era of technology in which the eyes and ears of the government has never been more invasive than mankind has ever known, in which the recording of such, is no longer limited to people's memories or human witnesses, but is done seamlessly with technological tools that have the capability and capacity to record, store, and to collate everything, in which all that is done is saved, seemingly forever; the people are in great danger of losing their liberty from that which purports to protect and to support them.


For instance, in one's everyday driving, most people adjust their driving habits and their concentration upon the road, when they spot a police car that is traveling next to them or behind them, for they do not want to go through the process of receiving a traffic ticket or possibly worse.  So too, phone calls, emails, conversations, text messages, and social media posts, are going to always be impacted, when those that are utilizing those things, are cognizant that all these various ways of communicating are being constantly monitored and recorded by governmental agencies or their assigned agents.


That is to say, those that are being watched and monitored all of the time in everything that they do or say, mundane or not, by state-sanctioned agents, in which, wrong behavior is punishable in some form or manner, or has possible negative repercussions in the present or future, then those people will have a very strong inclination to modify their behavior in a manner in which they are in conformance with desired governmental dictates, to the exclusion of what they really are or really want to do or be.


This so means that ubiquitous and intrusive governmental monitoring of its own citizens, is primarily done as a means to control, discipline, manage, restrict, and to regulate what this government will permit as authorized behavior; and therefore all those that are outside of that state-sanctioned norm, will be dealt with in a manner that will either neutralize them or will eliminate them.