The deliberate segregation of poverty / by kevin murray

A healthy society is fully integrated, of which, such a fully integrated society, consists of peoples of all difference races, incomes, education, and religious faith.  The reason that this is so important is when all people of a truly integrated community are able to actually see the great variety of human people as they really are; they are thereby better able to appreciate and to relate to other people, in the conscious recognition that we are all part of the same equal creation. Further to the point, in a nation that considers itself to be generous and caring, it is vital to interrelate with other citizens that are not doing well; as well as those that are impoverished or in bad health, which thereby encourages those that have money, or time, or purpose, to utilize their resources to do more on behalf of those that have less.  After all, those that are successful or caring, in order to be more considerate of others will do so more readily when they are fully engaged by what they see right in front of their faces, such as: inequality, impoverishment, and material lack.


Unfortunately, many communities and societies are segregated in the most meaningful part of this term, but having those that are prosperous, successful, educated, and well-to-do, living almost exclusively in neighborhoods filled with those same sorts of people, of which their children go to good schools, and have abundantly available within their community, good parks, good recreational and good educational facilities, a good infrastructure, and an overall safe environment.  When people that are successful live within a construct in which everything looks quite rosy to them, despite the fact that poverty, bad crime, violence, and impoverishment is literally just a couple miles away from their home environment, they are consequently not viscerally aware of such, and thereby have a strong tendency to dismiss such from their minds.


Another very bad problem with poverty being segregated from mainstream society is that the infrastructure of poverty is fundamentally different than the infrastructure of a nice community or a prosperous community.  For instance, in impoverished areas, often there are no good paying and thereby no living wage jobs to be obtained within that community; so too, there are frequently no safe or good parks, nor is there often any good educational facilities or libraries, and further the safety of the community is typically very suspect, with very high crime rates, and abundant violence; for these communities suffer greatly from a debilitating crisis, in which those that have no future, no hope, no opportunity, and are ill-educated, often express themselves in destructive ways, that ultimately hurts themselves as well as those within that infrastructure.


This means that those that are impoverished, are fighting a two-front war, in which the first war is their struggle with their own personal poverty, and the second war is suffering all the disadvantages and ills of living within a community that has no accouterments of success or an infrastructure that will fairly help them to successfully escape from such, even when they put forth a mighty effort to do so.  This signifies that the most direct way to alleviate poverty within communities is to constructively rectify the infrastructure of failure and lack that runs riot within these communities; and further, to assimilate more of the poor into more prosperous communities, so that those disadvantage people are provided with a fair opportunity to make something of their lives.