The importance of focused commitment / by kevin murray

Most everyone has goals of some sort or another, of which, some of those people will go on to achieve those goals, whereas many others will not, and some will simply lose track of their goals for they never truly formulated such within their minds.  In point of fact, people are capable of achieving astonishing feats if they are committed to doing so, and thereupon focus their attention on those feats, to the exclusion of most everything else, in order to achieve exactly that.


That is to say, our minds and bodies are obedient to our wishes, subject to the limitations of our abilities, so that those that those that wish to be great athletes, for example, but have poor hand to eye coordination, are more than likely, not going to succeed, because their physical capabilities preclude them from doing so, though they may deeply desire to be such.  So too, those that wish to be medical doctors, but have a strong aversion to blood as well as the studying of biology, are probably not made of the right stuff to be a good medical doctor.  So that, the limitations that our minds and bodies have are a relevant factor towards our success, of which, a conscientious student should take careful note of. 


Still, it is remarkable how much progress a given person can and will make, if they find a subject of study that interests them greatly, and then determine to give their absolute best effort in mastering such a subject, and thereby make the conscious determination to do just that.  For it is in the committing to a singular goal and then the determination to keep one's eyes on the prize, that will allow dedicated students to make real headway and thereby to progress through the necessary steps as well as the necessary levels in order to achieve their worthwhile goals.


This doesn’t mean that those that commit to a given life goal or task, will not have to face setbacks and failures of one sort of another, for these impediments are not only possible but probable; however, those that have that focused commitment will see these instead as barriers to be overcome as opposed to barriers that will stop them in their tracks, never to progress again.  It is through their dedicated commitment, that high achievers will not quit, because they are not intimidated by complications, errors, and obstacles, that others will often fall back from, but rather they will renew their determination to break through such, and if necessary, will do so brick by brick, for they have risked mightily to become what it is that they have made that commitment to.


Those that are committed to their goals do not see adversity as something to be feared but rather as a challenge to be conquered.  After all, if what they were achieving was easy for most everyone to do, then such would not be a worthy goal to commit to, for the object of the exercise, is to be successful in a career or a life goal that not only has real meaning to them, but represents an achievement that requires true blood, sweat and tears, of which having done so, they have accomplished what could only have been accomplished by determined focus and immeasurable commitment.