Overcoming the fear of death / by kevin murray

Nearly everyone, and especially mothers, rightly celebrate the birth of a newborn as a seminal event of much importance and love.  On the other hand, death while sometimes welcomed and celebrated, is more often seen, especially in western societies, as quite tragic, because of the elimination of that person from this world, and therefore a typical source of much sorrow and regret. The thing is that for those that celebrate birth as a joyous moment, yet, that also believe that death is a tragedy, are representing an obvious inconsistency in their mindset, for because every birth in this world, means the inevitability of the death of that person, then the very birthing of a newborn should more properly be seen as a future tragedy and therefore such happiness for the former should also be tinged with sadness for the latter.


This thus means for those that believe solely in a material world, that each birth thereby necessitates a corresponding death and nothing beyond; have a belief that is both fatalistic as well as being rather bleak, for the construct so created, really represents a worldview that demonstrates in principle that life is wholly unfair and of no or little good purpose.  On the other hand, those that correctly surmise that birth and death are only tied to this material plane, and that in reality, each of us is an immortal being of spirit which actuates upon our physical lives, of which this earth in actuality represents a testing ground, then life on this plane, thereby seems to be both fair and of a good purpose.


Each of us, should want to make it our mission to know the whole truth, for those that have beliefs which are untrue, false, or mistaken are going to have a  much stronger inclination to fear things, such as death, that they need not overly fear, as well as to make decisions that are wrong; as opposed to all those that in knowing the truth of who and what they really are, are able to grasp the big picture and to correspondingly conduct themselves in such a manner so as to be a benefit to themselves as well as to mankind, in general.


The reason that fear is put into our being to begin with, is usually as a protection for us, so as to not unnecessarily harm or endanger ourselves, and from that perspective such is wise.  However, those that fear something that is inevitable, such as dying, need instead to understand what living is all about; and from that basis, they should correctly comprehend firstly that life and death are part of the cycle of life on earth, and further that since such is repeated again and again and again, that behind that cycle there must be a Master Source for all this.


Far too many people fear death, when what they should be far more cognizant of, is what they are doing proactively in their lives to make this world a better and more fulfilling place, for the body is ever mortal, but the spirit is transcendent and immortal; and those that have the attributes of God and have utilized such in this world and beyond become the very pillars of the palace of God, and those that have not attained or achieved such, must return again and again, till they are.