Discernment and privacy / by kevin murray

In the social media age as well as in the age in which seemingly everything that we do, can be recorded, analyzed, evaluated, and saved; this so signifies that never has it been easier for friends and family, or private enterprise, or governmental agencies to know an awful lot about our habits, patterns, actions, and behaviors.  The bottom line is that in a society in which every social media posting is available for any "friend" to see, copy and view; as well as people's smart phones, effectively being a very detailed diary of every location that one travels to on a given day, that never have so many provided so much information to those that definitely do not have their best interests in mind.


For instance, when it comes to private enterprise and all the information that they siphon up from smart phones, internet activities, credit card activity, social friends and networks, including likes so posted; is that this information is really being evaluated not necessarily as a means to control or to compromise a given individual, but primarily is done so in order to specifically market to a given individual, as a way and means to increase business and profit.  After all, the reason that these social media sites and apps are free, aren't because they are created as some sort of public good; but rather are created as a means to monetize individuals for companies that are permitted to access them.


However, when it comes to government agencies, their motivation behind the accumulation of reams upon reams of information and data on individuals is to not only to monitor individuals but also to mold individuals in ways that are favorable to those that control that government.  After all, people are creatures of habits, as well as often having established patterns, in which those that know these things are best able to then utilize that information for their benefit, as well as manipulation.


In this modern area, we live within a construct in which entities that we do not control, and primarily do not have our best interests in mind, know us in a manner in which, what we believe to be of our private concern, is often, actually knowable and actionable information.  This thus means, that unlike a good friend or family member, that knows us, and in a mature way, utilizes their discernment and discretion to be of benefit to us; we are caught instead, almost unawares by private enterprise as well as by governmental institutions that are able to discern who and what we really are, for their benefit and for their exploitation of us.


To live a life in a fishbowl is a massive error, for unless those that look in upon that fishbowl are actually there to be of aid and of help to us, then we have provided to those intrusive entities, everything that they need to take advantage of us, to our own detriment.  It is vital to understand that the only people deserving of truly knowing us are only those that are our true friends as well as good family members, for these people have our best interests in mind, and further are able to discern what is necessary to do in order to improve us so we are better able to accomplish meaningful and good things.    Therefore, recognize that we should not willingly abandon our own watchtower, but instead be forever vigilant.