"If men were angels, no government would be necessary" James Madison / by kevin murray

The above quotation is absolutely true, so that, as much as we might complain about governments and their inefficiencies and errors, in the greater scheme of things, governments are necessary in order to be of assistance to the people as a whole.  The best government is not only wise, just, egalitarian, and fair; but also is a government that must be of the people, for the people, and by the people, for governments are instituted amongst the consent of those so governed to be of a blessing and of a benefit to those people.


Because governments are necessary for the appropriate governing of the people, it is important that those so being governed, are able to have a government that is responsive to their grievances, concerns, and needs; as well as being a government that is not above the people, or acts in a manner that is not accountable to the people, but rather is a government which is open, honest, and transparent to all.  For, any good government, that is not forthcoming as to what it is actually doing as well as what it is contemplating, more than likely means that it has taken upon itself, powers not vested in it.


The type of government that is most respected and most appropriate for the people is a government that applies its laws and governance, fairly and equally to all; of which, special favoritism towards the few, and discriminatory laws against the many, cannot ever be part and parcel of good government.  To the extent that governments are fair-minded to all, while taking into consideration mitigating and individual circumstances, than such a government as that is utilizing good discernment and wisdom.  On the other hand, all governments which are inconsistent, arbitrary, and discriminatory, especially in a manner in which certain segments of the population have no voice, whereas other privileged segments essentially represent the only voice that matters, are not fair-minded governments.


It is a given that human beings are not angels, and when those that are not angels are placed or appointed into the power of being the authorized representatives of the people, in which, those representatives do not behave in a manner consistent with good and fair governance -- and further, effectively ignore or supersede the Constitutional law and good governance of their community or country, than those representatives have aggrandized unto themselves as well as to the beneficiaries of their actions: unauthorized power.


Such unauthorized power is the bane of all good governments, and the only effective remedy for the abusive use of power, is for the people to have the means to negate such, either by the governmental structure so in place, which nullifies such, by, for instance, the separation of those governmental powers, so that not any one power of that government is strong enough to dictate its policies, without any constraints; or by the effective withdrawal of the people's consent of that government, so that a new and appropriate government with its representatives thereby takes its place.


Good governments are created by the consent of those so governed as a means to benefit the people as a whole, and to the extent that government does so, the people will be served; whereas bad governments are those governments good intentioned or not, that answer not to the people, while also exploiting those selfsame people for the benefit of those that run and are the beneficiaries of that government as practiced, and have circumvented the need for consent from the people that they ostensibly serve.