Putting those little trivialities into the right perspective / by kevin murray

A lot of people get upset about things that really shouldn't upset them all that much, but nevertheless, even when they realize that their perspective is a bit skewed, they still get all worked up and agitated about relatively small and annoying things.  For instance, some people really get offended if they don't receive a hearty "good morning" or a wave or an acknowledge from another, when they say "good morning" to them; or they get bent out of shape when they perceive that someone has purposely cut them off on the road, or when someone doesn't appear to be listening to every word that they speak with careful and attuned attention, or when they feel that they are being ignored or marginalized, or basically they get upset when they are not feeling appreciated.


All of these various things can bother people, of which, some of these people, have a great difficulty in letting go of their various annoyances and trivialities that aren't really worth holding on to, to begin with.  Because so many people aren't able to get themselves consistently into an appropriate perspective, it sometimes requires a life changing or life rattling event for people to see things far more clearly.  For instance, a good friend that we have been having a feud with, suddenly has a catastrophic event happen to them, such as losing their only means of employment, or having their house being severely damaged via a ruinous flood; in which such an event such as those, is often going to allow us to largely let go of our past gripes with them, in order to best deal with this real crisis of real import. 


So too, perhaps we have been having difficulties with our children or friends, in which we feel that they are as usual, not really listening to us, or paying us their proper mind, which annoys us to no end.  Then when we go in to see our medical doctor, complaining of some annoying pain, only to find out after a very thorough diagnosis, that we have regrettably some sort of life threatening cancer; which changes not only our perspective in the here and now, but also our perspective about those others that had seem so damn annoying, to us.


That is to say, many people have all sorts of complaints each and every day, of which some of these complaints may have some sort of merit, and some of these complaints may indeed be justified to a certain degree; but what we shouldn't do is let life's little trivialities and annoyances to morph into something that they are not, when in the scheme of things, it just isn't that big of a deal.


After all, it shouldn't take a major crisis for a family to come back together, though, to give credit -- there are some families that can't come back together, even when there is a major crisis.  While there is something to be said about constructive criticism and the voicing of complaints; there is something also that must be said about those that accept people as they are, and thereupon make it their point to provide them with their unconditional love -- which is the best love of them all. 


Try not to make the mistake of waiting until some sort of disaster happens in your life or happens to a good and dear friend, to express that love that you truly have for them, for sometimes because of petty grievances and stubbornness, it really does come too late.