The only union that really matters / by kevin murray

Human beings are social creatures, living within societies that encourage our interplay one with another, in all that we are and do.  Our relationships are part and parcel of what makes life worth living, and are valued, for the satisfaction and importance that they bring to our lives.  Yet, at the same time, that we value our relationships, the downside of those same relationships, is found in the destructiveness of relationships gone sour, in which such negativity hurts all parties involved and is not conducive towards bring forth good health and harmony.  This does not mean, that we should not seek out relationships, and certainly does not mean that we should not care about resolving and binding back together broken relationships, but rather that this is an object lesson in learning that when our desires are thwarted, or when we don't feel appreciated, that such has ramifications, that can easily lead towards damaged and weakened lives.


Who amongst us, does not yearn for a friend that is always our friend, no matter the circumstances, no matter the words spoken, no matter the conditions, and no matter our status, in which that friend is wholly there, and does not permit or allow anything to break the bonds of that friendship, come what may? That type of friend, is the ideal friend, who knows us for what we really are, and does not judge us, or hold grudges against us, but understands us in a way of accepting us as we are in that moment, and knows that we are never as bad as we might appear, or perhaps not as good as it might seem.


Our most valued relationships are always going to be with those that understand us at a level in which snap judgments are never rendered, and further are the type of people that support us as a friend, especially in those situations in which we have lost our way; for they are still able to see us as we are in essence, and in a way that reads us correctly, and does not ever err. 


All of this is what we deeply desire in our relationships, especially in consideration that seldom are we able to fully reciprocate in kind; yet, somehow, this friend, does not devalue our friendship for our faults and errors, but values us all the same.  A friend and a relationship such as that, is invaluable, and obviously quite difficult to find and to have; yet, all of us, without exception, are innately born with that friendship, available to us, if only we would avail ourselves of it.


While we should value our friendships and our relationships with our fellow sojourners here on earth, it has to be recognized, that the most important friendship and the most important relationship that we can ever make is with our Maker, and none else.  For it is only with our Creator, that every aspect of a great and lasting relationship, without end, can be achieved; for God alone, is the epitome of perfection, and God alone, has every positive characteristic that we deeply desire to be united with.  


Therefore, take the time and have the resolve to find that which will end all searches, as well as that which will end all sorrows, for until we re-unite with God, wholly, we will not find the lasting peace and perfection that we have always longed and yearned for.