The Banks Control America / by kevin murray

There is more than one kind of freedom.  There is freedom of thought, freedom of the press, freedom of religion, and so forth.  All freedoms are important and economic freedom is of critical importance to an advanced and monetarily rich country such as the United States.  Most of our transactions in America, from our paychecks, to our bills, to our debts and to our assets are made and denominated in dollars.  In fact, take a look at your dollar bills and it states that it is a “Federal Reserve Note”.  But what is a Federal Reserve Note?  These are notes that are printed by the U.S. Treasury at the behest of the Federal Reserve Bank.  But what is the Federal Reserve Bank?  Despite its name, the Federal Reserve Bank is not publicly own, it isn’t run by the Federal government, instead it is own and backed by publicly traded banking corporations overseen by a federal board of governors that are nominated by the President. 


That means that the control, distribution, and the worth of our most essential asset, our money, is held in the hands of entities that do not directly answer to the people, additionally we have little or no influence over them, and further that their interests are not in alignment with our own.  These bankers, these elite, implement policies and goals that are to their benefit and wholly without real regard for our own, these elite bankers fulfill their lust for power and money, and their only interest in the common people is their successful exploitation of them to their maximum benefit.


While it is conceivable that the people’s desires and the bankers’ interests can be in alignment with each other and consequently not necessarily diametrically opposed to one another, that isn’t of any real concern to the bankers.  The bankers and the powerful organizations and executives that work with them are the chosen in which their only real interest is in furthering their own.  A government of the people, for the people, and by the people is not what the bankers are about.  It is important and critical that the people are kept under wraps, ignorant of their true power and purpose, and subservient to the masters that wish to control and indoctrinate them.


You might well ask, how that is so few, so very few, can control so many.  But isn’t that the entire history of the world?  Certainly, one way to keep the people at bay is to control their economic value, and their worth.  There can be no worse slavery for an educated and hard-working man than to be diligent for all your life and to find that in the twilight of your career, that your money, and your net worth has turned into essentially nothing making you effectively a serf of the state.  For recent examples of this, you need only look at Zimbabwe, Indonesia, and Yugoslavia in which each of these countries had within the last twenty years, monumental meltdowns of their monetary system.


Can a monetary meltdown happen here?  It has already started, look at the massive inflation that the United States had in the years 1979-1981 in which the most powerful country, the economic foundation of the world, had inflation rates of double-digits for three straight years!  Fast forward to present times and although our nominal inflation rate is low, the country is running massive deficits, and has an admitted national debt of over $17 trillion, with some pundits putting our actual national debt at $70 trillion or even more!


When the chickens come home to roost in America, you can rest assured that the powerful elite of bankers will profit enormously from blood in the streets and panic in the air.  The losers will be the people that worked diligently and hard to create the wealth and had it unjustly snatched from them through sophisticated financial legerdemain.