The lie that God doesn’t exist / by kevin murray

Certain segments within America including the judiciary spend an inordinate amount of time, money, and resources along with producing propaganda espousing the lie that God doesn't exist.  Force-feeding this trope to the American public does a huge injustice to the founding principles of this great republic and dishonors the legacy of those that created through their blood, sweat, and tears this wonderful land of freedom.


That our own government behaves in such a manner is a disgrace to our country, and is clearly worrisome.  Why is it that so many influential people in the government, in the media, and in our universities, want to suppress God and invoke instead the delusion of a paradisiacal secularist society?  The biggest reason is that our government wants to be our god.  The bible teaches us that you can only serve one master, and our government knows this lesson all too well, and further that it can ill-afford to handle the competition.  The government wants you to believe from your inception, that you are created to serve this nation and owe obeisance to no other entity but to it.


However, once God is removed from the public square that massive void has to be replaced with something and that something is big government and media propaganda.  The problem with this very poor tradeoff is that by doing so you have sown the seeds of your own demise.  No country, no matter how great, no matter how powerful, can long survive when it believes that it no longer needs the beneficence or approval of almighty God.


Man believes wrongly in his own mind that he needs no God, that he is no less a god in of himself.  That viewpoint is absurd.  To listen to pundits espouse that they know for a certainty that there is no God, is to listen to total nonsense.  Mankind forgets God when he finds no current usage for Him, or finds that God's moral code to be too constricting, but let man find himself in a situation in which he needs God's help, and how quickly the tide turns.


A country without God is a country without a moral code.  A country that has decayed to "evil be thou my Good," is a world turned upside down, inside-out, and wrong side up.


America wants to be a nation of laws but there is only one law that all law must answer to and that is God's moral law.  There can be no other way.  Man's law vacillates through the sands of time, through corruption, ill-vision, and lesser mores, but God's moral law is the same today, tomorrow, and forever.  God's law is the foundation that any real republic aspires to live up it.  


Destroy the temple of God's law and you have destroyed the temple of your own law.  God is here in every aspect and in every facet of our lives.  He is here, even if we deny Him, ignore Him, or despise Him.  There is and always will be, one absolute: God is and always will be.