The fallacy of More Laws / by kevin murray

In America, each year, far more laws are passed, as opposed to laws being repealed and the ratio isn't even close.  I suppose the ostensible theory behind all these laws that are passed year after year after year, are that we need these laws for better justice, to make us safer, and to ensure our tranquility and happiness.  The thing is the more laws that are passed, means the more laws that you can be arrested or fined for without you ever really being cognizant of some of these obscure laws, as well as these laws essentially transferring sovereignty of yourself to the arbitrary power of the State.


First off, there isn't a really a positive correlation between more laws and justice or more laws and safety.  There is, however, a correlation between more laws and oppression, and more laws and injustice.  Cicero said it right, over 2,000 years ago, "the more laws, the less justice."  This is true because too often manmade laws are read and enacted upon depending upon the prevailing winds of the times which has little to do with justice and a lot to do with those that hold the power.  That is why the Supreme Court Chief Justice could rule in the Dred Scott case in 1857, that the black man had "no rights which the white man was bound to respect."  That case was not refuted until the 14th Amendment was ratified in 1868, but despite that Constitutional Amendment, the black man, primarily in the South, was held in bondage, serfdom, or servitude for another 100 years, even though the law now argued for his equality.


America doesn't need to be refereed for every possible perceived infraction that may or may not have occurred.  God has graced nearly all of us with common sense and common sense often is good enough to tell us what is right and what is wrong. Too many people falsely believe that a given law is clear and unequivocal, but the fact of the matter is whether through creative legal theories, devious minds, or the like, those that practice the art of our justice system, have the ability to take a law and bend it, curve it, and manipulate it as if they were magicians in a Kingly court.  The law is whatever the masters of that dark trade tell us that it is which is why justice is neither fair, impartial, nor equable in this country and never will be.


The more laws that are passed, the more power that is relinquished to those who administer the laws, whether they be politicians, bureaucrats, executives, lawyers, or similar.  These elite, privileged, and powerful people will decide the rules and limits of the game, while we, the poor subjects will be fleeced, shorn, and discarded, as mere servants to the State. 


Remember this, in reality the law doesn't protect you; good citizens protect you; good people protect you.  Those that believe that they are their neighbor's keeper make the very best citizens, because they understand that as they treat others is how they will be treated in return; laws are a poor substitute for this because too often laws serve the State and are utilized to oppress the people, rather than to be a good neighbor.