The Muslims and Internment / by kevin murray

Before America was attacked by Japan at Pearl Harbor, suspected Japanese aliens and citizens had already been identified as enemies of the State, merely awaiting official Executive Orders to exercise their arrest and eventually internment.  Even though there were far more Americans that were of German or Italian descent, Japanese made wonderful and convenient targets for the US Government and military, because of their particular ethno racial characteristics and their overall small size in quantity of peoples.  When it came to the actual internment of the Japanese on American soil, the United States did not hesitate in treating them as enemies, without documentation that substantiated such claims, without due process, and without a care that their actions against the Japanese would eventually be overturned or overruled.


Some seventy-odd years later, the United States since the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01 have a new "bogeyman" and that are Muslims.  While the playing field has been leveled a little bit in the sense that America jurisprudence has asserted civil rights, this is wholly mitigated by the government's massive database apparatus and its desire to vilify and scapegoat Muslims as a religion and as a people.   The domestic enemies list has already been created, manipulated and processed.   Muslim mosques have already been infiltrated and compromised on virtually every level, with actionable information sorted, locked and loaded.  The US Government cares little if the information that they have is inaccurate, distorted, or erroneous, it cares only that an enemy has been identified and that that enemy will bow to civil authorities, one way or another.


US authorities are only awaiting a true domestic treasonable and terrorist event in America of scale, to which they can instantly react with swift and sure "justice".  The United States is no fool, they prefer the terrorist act to be real, and not manufactured or faked by our government itself, but should they have to help aid such an action, and are assured that there is no possibility that there would be any leaks that they have done so, they would seriously consider doing such.  The powers-to-be are itching, to use all of their massive might against these perceived enemies of the State, and for once and for all, to take control of Muslims, and the Muslim religion in America. 


America interned a few thousand Muslim non-citizens and citizens in the wake of the 9/11/01 attack, with estimates ranging to as many as 15,000, and eventually deported a few thousand of them.     America has already tested the waters of how the public will or won't react to such an aggressive policy of our homeland and have concluded that only a small minority of the population really care.  Young Muslim males make excellent targets for this ethnic cleansing, especially if they look, behave, or wear clothes that are considered to be "out of sorts" with the norms of America.  Consequently, if you are Muslim or a Muslim sympathizer, regularly attend mosque or are a member of a suspicious group or organization that is connected with Muslims, keep a long beard, are dark skinned, you are an excellent target to be monitored and classified.


The United States is ready, the target is known, and the execution will be like sure, swift lightening.