The Internment List / by kevin murray

Most Americans are somewhat aware that during World War II, Americans or aliens of German descent, Italian descent, and Japanese descent living within the contiguous 48 states were interned in concentration camps as possible enemy aliens, or as possible enemy combatants, or as punishment for their heritage, or as a convenience for the government, or for purely racist reasons, despite their actual US citizenship in about two-thirds of these cases.  Was there any American organization that was able to prevent this unjustified and hysterical internment of thousands of civilians who had committed no crime, without trial, and prejudged by their adopted country or their country of birth?  There was not.


What most people are completely unaware of; however, is that the process of identifying and arresting these men, women, and children for relocation was already well identified prior to our entry into World War II.  In other words, organizations and communities of these people were infiltrated, monitored, or reported upon, so that upon the military decision to round these certain people up, the process had already been well laid out.  The decision to intern Japanese, who were for the most part small businessmen, fishermen, and farmers, was premeditated and deliberate, to which, our entry into World War II only served to implement plans that were just waiting for the go-ahead.


That was then, and this is now.  Our country today, encompasses the largest military budget in the world and is second only to China in regards to actual manpower.  Additionally, virtually all communities within America have a well-armed police force.  America is state-of-the-art, in which there is probably no country worldwide that has the sophistication of our monitoring equipment, our communication equipment, and our massive databases as America has today.  Never has this country known so much and in real-time about your name, your location, your habits, your assets, your bank accounts, and your friends and family relations. 


Within America, a list has already been created, dividing each citizen into certain categories.  America is already prepared at a moment's notice to declare martial law, to arrest and to intern citizens or residents that they deem to be problematic, not sufficiently patriotic, or a general nuisance, and to move these people efficiently and effectively to their designated concentration camps. 


You say that this can't happen in America, it already did, and it will happen again.  You say that this time is different, that civil rights organizations, media outlets, and the people in general, will rise up and defend our rights; they won't, because they can't.  Civil rights organizations and the few good people of America that care to make a stand won't have the wherewithal to do so.  While they may have tremendous moral courage, they lack firepower, core efficiency, money, assets, and justice.


When the government freezes your bank account, what will you do?  When the government identifies you as a "dangerous domestic insurgent" where will you run?  When the government already knows where you are, where will you hide?  When the government promises that after these few million peoples have been properly processed and interned that all will be back to normal, who will complain?


All the power in this country is contained with the government's hands; executive, judicial, and legislative are totally in their domain.  You, as a good citizen, will willingly obey their edicts or you will surely suffer the consequences.  No worries though, after they have broken you completely, you will be free to go.