Umbrellas in the Sunshine / by kevin murray

I always consider this to be a real-life oxymoron whenever I see someone on a bright, sunny day, walking with an umbrella to protect themselves from the "harmful" sunny rays.  I mean really!  From what I can gather, these sun-phobic people are almost exclusively women, additionally umbrellas do appear to be far more prominent amongst Asians, but I've seen all races "protecting" themselves from the sun with an umbrella.  It just seems like a total waste, rather odd, as a good sunscreen could accomplish as much with no one the wiser, with a scarf to protect your hair from "bleaching", or a sunhat would serve this purpose just as well.


While I can appreciate the dangers of too much sunshine, or too much exposure to the sun, the fact of the matter is, there would not be any earthly life without it.  Adequate sunshine is essential for good health, because it enables us to increase our Vitamin D levels; the warmth of the sun feels good both physically and emotionally, it boosts our immune system, and your overall health is improved by your exposure to sunlight.


That said I get that the real general reason why people utilize umbrellas in the sunshine is to eliminate or to minimize their exposure to sunlight so as to either to maintain their present skin color or to not allow their skin color to get any darker.  This follows the unfortunate rule that within certain cultures that those with pale skin are considered to be of a higher social status than those that have been exposed to the sun.  When in actuality those with wisdom know that you should only judge a person by the content of the character and not by the flawlessness of their skin, neither should you assume that those that work with their hands outside in the sun, are somehow people born of a lesser God or with lesser talents or with lesser love.


However, I do believe that people are free to choose, and further that they are free to believe what they want to believe, the line is only crossed, when cliques are created that separate people by color, or by creed, or by politics, which in order to assert how righteous or privileged that these particular people are, they have to as a matter of faith also put down others who are non-believers by birth or by virtue or by inclination.


People should be careful for what they wish for, for those that wish for the sun to never touch or to blemish their precious skin, it is easy enough to accomplish, by simply staying inside your house, and minimizing your time outdoors, along with also taking precautions to utilize umbrellas, hats, gloves, clothing, sunscreen, and the like to protect yourself at all costs when outside in the sunlight.    Perhaps by doing so, your life will be more fulfilling, perhaps not, either way the decision is yours to make. 


Remember though that if your beauty is skin deep, so must be your soul.