Tobacco-Free Campuses / by kevin murray


Smoking has been around since time immemorial in one form or another, additionally tobacco was our first successful exported cash crop in America, and furthermore the smoking of tobacco is a legal activity within America.  Therefore, it's extremely disappointing to see that many college campuses have enacted a tobacco-free rule which treats collegiate students as children.  The negative information about smoking is so prevalent, that if somebody decides to smoke, that is their decision to make, and therefore college campuses should not make it their policy to preclude somebody from indulging in a substance that provides them some sort of pleasure, need, or comfort.


The call from some that "secondhand smoke" in an outdoor environment causes or can cause cancer is a red herring of the highest order.  This is sham science at its absolute worse, and if this charge is actually true, that secondhand smoke creates or causes cancer than there would be actual verifiable scientific studies that demonstrate this beyond a reasonable doubt, but in fact, according to the Journal of the National Cancer Institute and their study of over 76,000 woman over a decade, the result was as reported by "… found no statistically significant relationship between lung cancer and exposure to passive smoke."


The real issue about tobacco-free campuses, which by the way, applies to all tobacco or tobacco related products, such as electronic cigarettes (which contains no tobacco), is their control, the primacy of your body as opposed to your spirit, the supremacy of science, and the degradation of your mind and soul.   The message that college campuses that support tobacco-free laws is that your physical body is all that you will ever be, which kind of defeats the purpose of going to college in the first place.


These colleges aren't interested in you actually thinking about what this country stands for,  or especially what this country was founded on, they care only that you obey them and their edicts, even if they are unconstitutional, unfair, prejudicial, and poor law.  There are several nails in the coffin that colleges are prepared to use; tobacco-free is just the beginning of this onslaught.  If you can't smoke, you shouldn't be able to drink alcohol either, nor should you be able to eat or consume any sugar products, or have a BMI greater than 20% for males or 25% for females.  If you're less than 5'6" for males, you shouldn't be admitted to a college campus because as Randy Newman put it: "short people got no reason to live", and if you're too tall or too talented or too good looking you should be treated as Kurt Vonnegut's Harrison Bergeron was as "under-handicapped" and thereby be regarded as an enemy of the state.


Tobacco-free campuses are just another significant step in the direction of one size fits all.  We should all be the same, even though we aren't, we should all think the same, even though we don't, and we should all achieve about the same, that way we're interchangeable.   What colleges should be about is engaging the mind and the spirit to think, to contemplate, and to accomplish great things of real worth to mankind, with or without the smoke.